Book Review: The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab

When a stranger appears in the town of Near, children start to disappear. The citizen start to blame the stranger, since his appearance seem to make the kidnapping happen. Lexi Harris finds the stranger, whom she calls Cole, and finds out rather quick that the citizen have forgotten to encounter the possibility that a far older, yet dead witch, might be a player in this game.

Book Review: Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

Katharine, Arsinoe and Mirabelle are gifted triplets of Queen Camille, who reigns the country before another queen is crowned. Tradition says that one of the three sisters will be crowned while the other two die by the hand of the winning queen

[GER/ENG] Book Review: Across the Void by S.K.Vaughn

Christmas 2067 Commander Maryam Knox wakes up in the infirmary of Hawkings II . She has no recollections of how she got into this situation, but she knows that she is the commander of the Europe mission to retrieve and bring back samples of the moon of Europe. The astronaut quickly finds out that the spaceship, once animated by crew members, is deserted.

[GER/ENG] Tell Me Everything by Cambria Brockman

Tell Me Everything is about Malin, a student who goes to Hawthorne College, Maine, to prepare for studying law in the future. There, in the first semester, she meets her later clique of Ruby, John, Khaled, Max and Gemma. But Malin has a dark secret and tries everything so that no one finds out what it is. The secret could endanger their friendship and everything that the girl has built up over the years would collapse.

[GER/ENG] Book Review: The Institute by Stephen King

Luke Ellis, a twelve-year-old prodigy, wakes up in a room that looks like his own room, but with one big distinction: there is no window where one should have been. He quickly realizes that he has been kidnapped and taken to the Institute for experiments on children with telekinetic and telepathic gifts. The boy soon realizes that if he does not try to get out of the institute, something terrible will happen and because of his gift, he has a chance to free him and the other children.

Book Review: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid's Tale is about a woman called Offred who works as a handmaid for a upper class family. Handmaids are women who are fertile and hasn't been unfertilized due to radiation, a real threat during the time the story takes place. Which means that Handmaids are supposed to keep the population up. In the story Offred talks about the past, how she got into the situation and her current life as a Handmaid, thinking about how it might be possible for her to flee her slavery.

Book Review: The Betrayal of Ka by Shea R. Oliver

Ka, short for Kadamba, is sent to prison after he was caught selling rath, a drug, to a kid who died of its overdoes. Shown compassion by a guard, he is sent away from prison to military training and from there on, for Ka, an unexpected mission to planet Earth to kill Transpropethics. Him, sworn to never kill anyone in his life again, has to find a way out of his messy new life.

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