Buchrezension: „Das Jungblut-Serum“ von Thomas Kiehl

Die Verhaltensbiologin und Epigenetikexpertin Lena Bondroit wird auf eine kleine schwedische Insel geladen um dort ein Serum zu untersuchen, welches die älteren Inselbewohner fitter und agiler werden lässt. Außerdem scheinen dort auffallend viele junge Frauen unfruchtbar zu sein. Die Untersuchung wirkt zuerst unereignisreich, doch bald wird Lena klar, dass sie nicht Willkommen ist und möchte so rasch wie möglich fort. Jedoch wird ihr das Verlassen der Insel schwerer gemacht als gedacht.

Book Review: „The Year of the Witching“ by Alexis Henderson

Immanuelle lives in Bethel with her grandparents, her aunt Anna and her nieces Hope and Grace. One day she is supposed to sell the family‘s ram, which escapes from Immanuelle‘s grip and flees into the supposedly cursed Darkwoods. The girl follows the ram and experiences something that brings Bethel the plagues. To stop them from happening, Immanuelle has to figure out who she really is.

Book Review: “The Midnight Library” by Matt Haig

Nora believes she is living a miserable life where nothing goes right. She almost got married, almost was in a successful band, almost studied glaciers and almost went on a trip to Australia with her best friend. Now, sitting lonely and depressed in a flat in a small English town, full with regrets, Nora decides she can‘t live like this anymore and decides to die. After taking an overdose of sleeping pills, she wakes up in the middle of the Midnight library where her former school librarian Mrs. Elm greets her and tells her that each book in the library is a life that she could have lived. Now she gets the chance to live them and see what her so called root life could be.

Book Review: „The Goldfinch“ by Donna Tartt

At age thirteen, Theo Decker is involved in a life-changing catastrophe that draws him and The Goldfinch, an oil on canvas painting by Carel Fabritius, together. Through the years of Theo growing up, he finds solace in this picture, even so much, that he goes through lengths to ensure the safety of the painting, for whatever cost.

Buchrezension: “Miss Hollywood – Mary Pickford und das Jahr der Liebe” von Emily Walton

Es ist das Jahr 1916 und die Blütezeit des Stummfilmes in den USA. Mary Pickford ist die bekannteste und beliebteste Stummfilmschauspielerin der Nation. Gefangen in einer unglücklichen Ehe, verliebt sie sich in Schauspieler Douglas Fairbanks, welcher jedoch ebenfalls unglücklich verheiratet ist. Die Öffentlichkeit darf jedoch nichts von der Affäre erfahren, da es Marys' Karriere zerstören könnte, welche sie sich mühsam aufgebaut hatte.

[GER/ENG] Book Review: „Liebe braucht nur zwei Herzen“ by Judith Wilms

Working as a person who tidies up people‘s messes, Liv is forced due to lack of money to stay with their parents in Berlin. Due to not having enough job opportunities in that field, Liv takes a job at an ad agency where she needs to work with her former childhood crush Flo, who seems to be more accomplished than her. Little does she know that his marriage is falling apart and all he cares is about his little daughter.

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