Book Review: “I’m Glad My Mom Died” by Jeanette McCurdy

Book Details of “I’m Glad My Mom Died”

  • Title: I’m Glad My Mom Died
  • Author: Jeanette McCurdy
  • Genre: Nonfiction, Memoir, Autobiography
  • Type: eBook
  • Pages: 320
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster
  • Published In: August 9th, 2022

Trigger warnings for the book

Eating Disorder, Alcoholism, Child Abuse, Self-Harm, Emotional Abuse


In I’m Glad My Mom Died, Jeanette McCurdy describes her life starting from her early childhood the to late Twenties, how she got into acting and how she had to deal with an eating disorder, alcoholism, and her mom.

My Opinion

This was such a sad and gut-wrenching read. Jeanette McCurdy, famously known for her teen role in Nickelodeon’s sitcom iCarly, wrote a gripping autobiography about her life, her rise to stardom, and her discovery that her mom has been abusive for Jeanette’s whole life. 

I had to take breaks from time to time because at some point it got too much. Too much, remembering that this was some person’s life and that this actually happened to her. Jeanette McCurdy wrote the memoir in such a novel-style way that it’s easy to breeze through it since it’s well written. Her wanting to be a writer from an early age but having to suppress it for her mom’s wish to become an actress, is noticeable.

McCurdy’s memoir brings up questions, like, is the whole show business industry like this? How many child actors and actresses have been going through or are going through the same thing that Jeanette had to experience? How many people in high-up positions are abusing their power to get what they want?

As I’ve been growing up watching iCarly, it’s been even more shocking that the upbeat girl on the TV screen has been anything but happy while filming the TV show. Really hated it being on set since it felt like Groundhog Day for her. Every day felt the same. But since Jeanette wanted to please her mom and wanting for her to be happy, Jeanette went through with her acting.

Her mom

Speaking of Jeanette’s mom, she has been a major part of the book, hence the title. Jeanette splits the book into a Before and an After part, creating the storyline around her mom. Being the center of the book, marks Jeanette’s mom as the center of her life, in a good and a bad way.

It’s difficult not to judge Jeanette’s mom since her overall behavior has been anything but normal, especially toward Jeanette. But how can I possibly judge someone who has had a deadly case of cancer, knowing that it’s likely to have changed her personality? Knowing only Jeanette’s side of the story? Not knowing if her mom has always been a narcissist or if cancer triggered her into being one.


I give I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jeanette McCurdy 5 out of 5 stars. It’s been a well-written memoir, „not boring“ in a sense of repetitiveness (not because I enjoyed that her life was and is anything but boring), and gives awareness of the possible hardship of child actors and actresses. The memoir opens up uncomfortable questions and conversations. I recommend the book to readers who either are aware of McCurdy and are interested in her behind-the-scenes life or to readers who want to get aware of the not-so-glamorous side of Hollywood. 


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