Well, not really.

I’m Annina and judging – uh reviewing – books. Sometimes I randomly write about concerts or bad bad packing choices. Whatever I want. Freedom of blogging, eh?

During the day, I’m a Graphic- and Webdesigner, during night, I’m blogging. At least I wish I’d do it more often, considering how often I upload. But I never give up on them.

The reason I started this blog is that I want to talk about books and whatever has to do with them, here with you. Also because I got to know a few blogs by now and always was like “well I want to do this too. Sounds fun”.

I chose blattzirkus to be my username and title for this page because it’s German and is translated as leaf-circus  or rather page-circus in this case. Since I’m from Austria but want to blog in English it made sense for me to choose a German word to show off my roots, you know? Page-circus because it’s magical to read and dive into a whole other world. Similar to when you are at a circus show and it seems to be a whole other world within the tent. Plus I think it’s funny that when you browse through your book it seems like the pages are dancing on their own – putting on a show.

I hope you have fun reading my entries.

– Annina

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