Rating System

It’s been long overdue to add a rating system!

Some might have asked: How do you rank your 0-5 stars? What do you mean by giving 3 stars out of 5? (I bet no one has asked that but just in case, here’s my rating system!)

0 stars: “Wow I think my brain got fried but not in a good way. I don’t know how I have survived this. I really was thinking to quit this book/movie/TV show.” This might have never happened to happen before, I never give 0 stars. Yet. It has to be really awful.

1 star: “This has been so bad, I give myself half a star for surviving it. Some words haven’t been that bad, so they get 0,5 stars too.” Giving 1 star is very similar to giving zero stars, so it might depend on my mood or slight quality differences that something is better or worse than 1 star.

2 stars: “I made it through and I enjoyed it sometimes at some points, but overall I didn’t like it.” That says it all.

3 stars: “It’s been an average journey. Not too good, not too bad.” This rating happens if it’s not a new concept to me or I didn’t feel the story yet it’s been too good to be given 2 stars.

4 stars: “Hey, that has been cool! I enjoyed it a lot! Yet I’m not too excited to give it 5 stars.” This happens if something is better than average, yet it hasn’t had that original twist, that little something I like to give books/movies/TV shows.

5 stars: “I LOVED IT SO MUCH. O M G. WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?!” That happens when stories are super original, are funny, well written, filmed, you pick it. Sadly that doesn’t happen too much. Write good stories, please!

– Annina