The Harry Potter Tag

Hi guys, I saw on Twitter that Paige from BooksAndBelle was asking for people who wanted to be tagged for the Harry Potter tag. So since I haven't done a tag in a very long time (and Harry Potter sound like a great idea), I asked her if she could tag me and here we... Continue Reading →

My Panic! At The Disco concert experience

Hi guys, what a week it has been for me. Last Friday was total desperation because I did a website as side work and technic was hating me. Saturday was a friend's birthday party and Sunday evening the Panic! At The Disco concert I'm gonna write about today. On Tuesday I've been to my first... Continue Reading →

My 10 favorite TV shows! [Part 1]

Hi guys, since I'm still reading my super thick books (hello Anna Karenina and The Stand) and don't have a review for you in a while, I'm going to write a bit about my currently favorite TV shows. Part 2 is going to be about potential future TV shows I want to see. Have fun! 🙂 Game of Thrones... Continue Reading →

My NaNoWriMo Project 2016

Hi guys, as I have mentioned months years ago that I wanted to continue writing a novel I've started in 2013 for NaNoWriMo. Well wanted and tried are the hottest keywords you can use for my project. Because it didn't get that far. But first of all for those who don't know what NaNoWriMo is. NaNoWriMo,... Continue Reading →


Hey guys,  for today there's a very different blog post because it's more of an announcement: my blog Blattzirkus turned one years old this month! And I'm super proud that it actually turned one and that I haven't just abandoned it after having it for a couple of months. That's progress. So what has happened with my... Continue Reading →

#Tag: This or That

Hi guys, I have seen this Tag at TheBookLlama so I wanted to do it as well, it looked fun! Basically I'm going to answer a bunch of questions, so here you go! Hardback, trade paperback or mass market paperback? I love trade paperback as much as hardcovers, simply because Hardback books can be pretty... Continue Reading →

[GERMAN] Meine Erfahrung zur Youtuber Convention

Hallihallo, ich hatte am Samstag die Erfahrung gemacht, dass nicht alles, was ich mir als großartig und toll vorstelle, auch wirklich so wird, wie ich es mir in meiner Gedankenwelt ausgemalt hatte. Nein, ich bin nicht das erste Mal auf diese Tatsache gestoßen, jedoch wünschte ich, ich müsste mich nicht immer von meinen Erwartungen enttäuschen... Continue Reading →

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