Book Review: Happily Ever After (Cinder & Ella #2) by Kelly Oram

Brian and Ella finally are a couple and struggle to settle in the middle of a PR storm. Ella has to find out what she wants to do after school while Brian tries to break out of his teenage movie career. When an explicit interview hits public TV, Brian and Ella have to decide how to handle their future.

[GER/ENG] Book Review: Die Stunde der Wut by Horst Eckert

A year has passed since Melias' ex-colleague Solveig Fischer disappeared. The case still gnaws at the detective, which is why she is investigating a new case in addition to the disappearance of the ex-colleague. The young woman Klara Dauert was found stabbed to death in her apartment by two paramedics, after she had previously made an emergency call. What initially looks like a relationship drama quickly turns into a finely spun web of greed, corruption and violence, in which several parties are entangled and caution is required to get away in one piece.

Book Review: Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram

When Ellamara is on her way for a special treat on her birthday with her mom, a car accident happens in which her mom dies and leaves Ella with severe scars and pain. After months of coma and surgeries and no other closer relatives to care for her, she has to move to Los Angeles to her estranged father who has left Ella and her mom when Ella was 7 years old. She somehow manages through the trauma and pain with anonymous Cinder at her side, a friend she has found when he had commented on her blog entry on Ella's favorite book series The Druid Prince three years ago. They seem to know each other inside and out but are hesitant to meet and embrace reality. Also, Ella has her scars and trauma hidden while Cinder in reality is Brian Oliver, the upcoming actor who is going to play Cinder in The Druid Prince movie adaptation. Will a meeting happen and what are the risks of revealing their true identities?

[GER/ENG] Book Review: Der Malik by Bernhard Kreutner

In the second novel about the Vienna special unit, Michael Lenhart and Sabine Preiss have to clear up the disappearance of Walter Denk, an employee of the Austrian Ministry of Finance. They quickly find themselves in a finely woven web in the middle of the financial sector, which seems to be so clean that it seems impossible to make sense of Denks’ short note about “The Malik” let alone find clues that could explain Denks’ disappearance.

Spooky Halloween Reads for October

If you want to experience October as the month of Halloween, I might have some books for you that hit that mood. Maybe with lying it low this Halloween due Corona, some of you might stay in. And there's no better way to stay in, for the bookish people, than grab some spooky readings.

Book Review Series: 22 books I’ve read since the lockdown #Part 1

"22 books I've read since the lockdown" is a five part review-series in which I shortly review all the books I've read since the first Covid-19 lockdown. In this first post, I tackle "Stalking Jack the Ripper" and "Hunting Prince Dracula" by Kerri Maniscalco as well as "Blue Lily, Lily Blue" by Maggie Stiefvater and "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: The Journey" by Jody Revenson.

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