Book Review: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

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Book Information

  • Title: Six of Crows
  • Author: Leigh Bardugo
  • Part #1 of the Six of Crows series
  • Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
  • Type: eBook
  • Pages: 466

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Six criminals plan to break into an unbreakable prison to break out a scientist to stop spreading a drug that might be the end of all.

My Opinion on Six of Crows

My background with Shadow & Bone and Six of Crows

Okay, back in the day, around 2015, when the book came out, I wasn‘t really interested in Six of Crows. I don‘t know why but I think it simply had to do with the fact that I was done with the Grishaverse back then. I‘ve liked the Shadow & Bone series, but I‘ve also sold my books, sooo…I remember that I felt it to be too close to another book series I‘ve read first and liked better.

But now that Netflix has adapted Shadow & Bone as well as Six of Crows, I decided to give Six of Crows a go BEFORE starting to watch the show. I just want to read the two books first or else I‘m never going to read them. Also, I‘m regretting that I‘ve sold the books but what are libraries for? (Hi AK Library, thank you for existing).

I wasn‘t really trusting the hype in the beginning

I kind of had a hard time getting into the story. So, naturally, I was looking up movie scenes and fanart pieces and moodboards to get into the vibe that was Six of Crows. I can recommend that in general, when you feel stuck with the book, do your research and look up some mood pieces. Success is not guaranteed that this will work with every book, but it helped me with Six of Crows. Maybe it was the hype after all that made me having a hard time. Because somehow I thought „Oh I have to get into this quickly because so many people are loving this story“.

Conclusion: just don‘t try too hard to make the story likeable. Either it will come to you anyways, you need a little bit of convincing (like myself with the moodboards and visuals) or you won‘t like it.

Book structure

The chapters are parted into character POVs. Each character will give you more in-depth about the whole world that is Six of Crows. You get part story, part background story of each character, which helps understanding the ticks of each of them. It‘s a quite rationed amount of both, but gets annoying when you want to continue the plot but have to read about backstories first. It was always worth, though.


I, for example, had to look up if Six of Crows is before or after or simulaniously to Shadow & Bone. It‘s apparently 2 years later, but I either over read it or that fact is stated in Crooked Kingdom. I had that timeframe from Shadow & Bone Wikipedia.

Now on to the plot

It read a bit like watching La Casa de Papel (Money Heist), which is a stupid comparison considering that Money Heist was released later and that Heists aren‘t a new concept. Still, it was exciting to read how the team consisting of Kaz, Inej, Jesper, Nina, Matthias and Wylan pulling a very impossible heist off.

There were plot twists that had me like „NO“ only to be relieved seconds later when it turned out that we, as the reader, were meant to fell into that trap. I kind of felt stupid falling for it when it was so CLEAR that it was meant to be a trap. On multiple occasions. The plot twists make it more exciting to read and wanting to know more, of course.

I also like it that there is a good mixture of each character involved, more or less humans and Grisha. Each of them have different backgrounds but come together for one goal. The hardships they have to face only bonds them and what seems like a odd group of people turns out to be a very dysfunctional family in the end.

I liked the atmosphere of the book and each part of the world got its own vibe. Ketterdam, the city where we start from, had, for me, a very moody and mysterious atmosphere for example. While Fjerda felt very icy but bright as well, yet dangerous (well, it got a prison that is very difficult to break in and out, so yeah). So to say, the world building is amazing and I got a feeling that there‘s still so much more to explore.

Six of Crows got a good mix of fantasy, adventure and a pinch of romance in it. It got heist for heist lovers, an enemies to lovers trope and clues the reader got to figure out before the character reveals the plan.


Am I going to read Crooked Kingdom? Of course I will. I‘ll give Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo 5 out of 5 stars because I felt entertained and intrigued by the story. I liked the characters and the world building a lot after I got into the story. I have no clue about the Shadow & Bone book series anymore so I can‘t say that if you‘ve already read that series, you might enjoy the Six of Crows series as well. But since it‘s in the same universe, there is a big chance you‘ll like Six of Crows.

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