Book Review: „The Year of the Witching“ by Alexis Henderson

Immanuelle lives in Bethel with her grandparents, her aunt Anna and her nieces Hope and Grace. One day she is supposed to sell the family‘s ram, which escapes from Immanuelle‘s grip and flees into the supposedly cursed Darkwoods. The girl follows the ram and experiences something that brings Bethel the plagues. To stop them from happening, Immanuelle has to figure out who she really is.

Books read in April 2017

Hi guys, and here goes another month. I really was afraid to not meet my 5 books a month goal, but I somehow managed it – thanks to part time listening to the Life of Pi audiobook, else I still would be reading this book. Books read in April 2017 1 Harry Potter and the... Continue Reading →

Review: Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

Hi guys, this book has been on my reading list for years and I finally got to tick it off, thanks to the numerous book challenges I'm doing this year. Book Information Title: Paranormalcy Author: Kiersten White Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Fiction Publisher: HarperTeen Published In: August 31st 2010 Book series Paranormalcy is the... Continue Reading →

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