[DE/ENG] Review: Der Spiegelwächter: Die Saga von Eldrid by Annina Safran

Man kann sich nicht vorstellen wie sehr ich mich gefreut hatte, als ich dieses Buch auf NetGalley gefunden habe! Da war doch glatt ein Fantasy-Buch einer Autorin, welche denselben Vornamen hat wie ich! Annina ist nicht der häufigste Name, also war ich deswegen ziemlich aus dem Häuschen und die Handlung klang eigentlich ganz cool.


[DE/ENG] Maleficus – Schwarzes Blut by Melanie Vogltanz

Als ich das Buchcover gesehen habe, war ich schon etwas überzeugt davon, diese Geschichte lesen zu wollen. Jedoch noch nicht vollständig, da ein schönes Buchcover nicht zwingend eine gute Geschichte bedeutet. Aber als ich den Klappentext gelesen und bemerkt habe, dass dieses Buch vom Genre Fantasy ist und im Jahr 1365 in Wien spielt, zusätzlich…… Continue reading [DE/ENG] Maleficus – Schwarzes Blut by Melanie Vogltanz


September Book Wrap-Up 2018

I can’t believe that I actually managed to write a full review for every single book I have read/heard this year. This has to be a new record of mine. Therefore, I have “only” read 4 books (no bookshaming here). And since I won’t write much about those, since I obviously did write a lot about them already, there will be a short book haul section included in this post this time!


[DE/ENG] Review: Lory-X by V.T. Melbow

This review is readable in German and English. Please scroll down below for the German version. Diese Rezension kann man in Deutsch und Englisch lesen. Bitte scrolle für die deutsche Version nach unten. Here is another eBook that first caught my eye because of the cover, but held me captive with the story. Me, being…… Continue reading [DE/ENG] Review: Lory-X by V.T. Melbow


Review: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Title: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer Author: Michelle Hodkin Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Type: eBook Pages: 456 Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers Published in: September 27th, 2011 Buy on Amazon* Shelf it on Goodreads Plot When Mara Dyer tries out the Ouija board with her friends Rachel and Claire, only to find…… Continue reading Review: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin


[GER/ENG] The Outsider by Stephen King

When 11-year-old Frank Peterson is found raped and murdered in the city park of Flint City, Oklahoma, Detective Ralph Anderson is sure that the murderer is no one else than Terry Maitland, English teacher and the baseball coach of the Youth team. At the crime scene, DNA and fingerprints are found, as well as witnesses who are sure that they have seen Terry being covered in blood and behaving weirdly in the evening the murder has happened.


Audiobook Review: VOX by Christina Dalcher

Jean McClellan is a former researcher studying aphasia, the loss of language, and isn’t allowed to speak more than 100 words a day. Not one single woman in the United States is allowed to do so and a word counting bracelet makes sure to not speak more than that. In the close future of the United States, women got deprived of all their rights, they aren’t allowed to work or think for themselves anymore.