March Book Wrap-Up 2019

I can’t believe that I actually wrote proper reviews in that month! Also, that I’m writing a March Wrap-Up in May. This is a new all time low. But since March has been over for a while now and I got no clue anymore, what I’ve actually read, here’s reminder for me and a list of read books for you.

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Five Feet Apart

Author: Rachael Lippincott
Genre: Romance, Drama, Young Adult
Stars: 4 out of 5

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High School senior Stella has cystic fibrosis (mostly mentioned as CF; a genetic disorder that affects mostly the lungs) and returns to the hospital regularly, if to go to check-ups or 4 weeks stays to make the sickness better. At the beginning of her new 4-week treatment she meets Will, a teenager of her age, who just recently got into the hospital and not only got cystic fibrosis but burcholderia cepacia complex (mostly mentioned as b. cepacia; a bacterial infection) as well. As cystic fibrosis patients, they are not allowed to come closer than 6 feet, so they don’t catch each other’s bacteria, get sicker than even before and possibly die. Will, who lost hope of ever getting better, is in a special treatment in which he gets send from hospital to hospital all over the world, in hope to find a treatment for b. cepacia. Stella realized that Will doesn’t do his treatments at all, and can’t stand it one second to stand there and not help him. So if Will wants it or not, Stella is carrying him along her own journey.

I really enjoyed reading this book because it has been light, yet thoughtful, a little bit cheesy and dramatic – everything I needed for I book inbetween reading books.

© Blattzirkus

Guardian of the Aura

Author: Victoria Moschou
Genre: Fantasy, New Adult
Stars: 3 out of 5

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Aurora finds herself on a mission, opening a chest she shouldn’t have and therefore freeing the auras. Those auras were locked away for centuries and were embodied in the humdrums, letting feelings rule over them and therefore almost destroying humankind. To save the world, Aurora has to find the auras and lock them back into the chest they escaped from.

I didn’t enjoy the writing style because descriptions, adjectives and dramatic characters have been all over the place. The reader got thrown into a completely new world and introduction of this world have been made too late, in my opinion. Adding a few things here and there, and Guardian of the Auras could have been a start for a well-rounded series. If you enjoy Sarah J. Maas writing, this book might be something for you.

© Blattzirkus

Suspicious Minds

Author: Gwenda Bond
Genre: Science Fiction, Young Adult
Stars: 4 out of 5

Read my full review here!

Terry Ives is a young student who takes on a study at the Hawkins National Laboratory in place of her roommate. In the course of the experiments, she meets three other extraordinary people: Alice, Gloria and Ken. Soon, the four discover that these experiments are very odd and also, it is experimented on children, including the five-year-old Kali as a subject. Not only do they want to free the young girl, but also want to expose the plans of the lab. But before the four even have started their plan, they fall into a trap from which they can no longer escape.

This book has been a way too basic read, yet I enjoyed it because the writing style has been light – even too light. Stranger Things itself actually isn’t a young adult show, because it’s got quite the dark tone, so I don’t really get why this book was written like it’s for 12-year-olds.

Until the next book wrap-up emerges…

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