Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K.Rowling


Hi guys,

since I am (slowly but steadily) re-reading Harry Potter again, here is a review for the most recent one I have read – The Goblet of Fire.

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Book Information

Title: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Author: J.K.Rowling
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Publisher: Carlsen
Published in: October 21st 2000


It is Harry Potter’s fourth year at Hogwarts and one big event is happening during the school year: The Trimagical Tournament is hold in Hogwarts, whereas the three biggest magical schools from Europe are participating: Beauxbaton, Durmstrang and Hogwarts. Each school gets one student to compete against each other. The only remarkable thing about this year is though, that the Goblet of Fire announces a fourth student to participate: Harry Potter. Harry, who never really wanted to be part of this, to be even more in danger than he usually is, has no choice than to fight through the Trimagical Tournament with no support from his schoolmates and friends to begin with.


Biases as always when coming to Harry Potter, I loved The Goblet of Fire as always a lot. It is one of my favorite books and movies as well since it is the perfect mix of humorous young adult book and serious action/drama book. The Goblet of Fire also marks the book from light childhood life to serious adulthood.

Harry, Ron and Hermione are not only experiencing their first Yule Ball but also a slight relationship drama is on the verge of erupting. But this happens without being officially addressed, yet it is one of the little changes in The Goblet of Fire. Also, very noticeable right after The Prisoner of Azkaban, the focus lies on Lord Voldemort and his deatheater followers. The book is instantly darker from Chapter 1 and ends equally dark. Harry dreaming about seeing his first person being killed in front of his eyes versus seeing his first dead happening right in front of him is a lot to take in, especially for a fourteen year old. Not to forget that Harry had the stress of surviving The Trimagical Tournament, a Tournament that is planned to be hard for seventeen year old wizards.

I mean, this makes Harry the smartest person in the room full of Wizards, doesn’t it? And what the hell Dumbledore, being worried about Harry but not pulling him out of the tournament? All of this could have been avoided, but no, he had to play Yolo-dore. (A thing that the whole Potterhead fandom probably is obsessing with is how careless Dumbledore’s actions toward Harry could become)


A solid 5 from 5 stars to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K.Rowling since it has been one of my favorite Harry Potter books caused by the mix of different elements (humor, plot-driven action, fantasy) and the development of the characters.

xo Annina


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