Here’s MY book reading challenge for YOU! :)

Hi guys,

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017! I hope you all are doing great 🙂

A month ago or so I asked if you would be interested in a book reading challenge created by me. Since I got an answer (which impressed me, to be honest), I thought “why not”? and created one as basic as possible. Which means: digital and print readers won’t have a hard time to find books (at least I hope so).

So here’s a challenge sheet for you guys to print out! I will also tell you which books I chose for this challenge (I hope not to cross any or too many from the Popsugar Reading Challenge but let’s see). Similar challenges to other book challenges are not on purpose and totally unintentional.

It is not the longest list since I want as many people as possible to participate. I have a feeling that the more challenges are on a list, the less people participate because they don’t think they can complete as many books as challenges. And since reading is supposed to be fun and not stressful, I tried to make a less stressful and more fun list. 🙂

(Which doesn’t mean that I can not have 1.000 reading challenge lists. I just don’t recommend it. Too much stress.)




I’m gonna do my challenge no matter what and maybe I inspired some of you to do the same challenge. If so, let me know in the comments! Or have you created a reading challenge on your own?

xo Annina

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(i) The Amazon Links are affiliated Links. I guessed this was the easiest way to establish a store where you can go and buy a book if you are interested in it plus it gives me literally just some cents. Yes I got greedy and I’m gonna bath in my ten 5 cent pieces. You’re welcome.
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