Read in November 2016

Hi guys,

there are actually far more books I have read in November than in October and yes, that is a good thing. There are going to be a lot more reviews in December as well, but since I have started writing them in German, they will be firstly available in this language as well. Second, these books are from small German authors, so that’s why I haven’t written these reviews in English yet.

Let’s see what November brought me!


  1. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
  2. Girl Online: Going Solo by Zoe Sugg (Full Review)
  3. How to be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul by Adrian Shaugnessy
  4. Fangirl auf Umwegen by Amelie Murmann (to be updated)
  5. Royal – Ein Leben aus Glas by Valentina Fast (to be updated)
  6. Royal – Ein Königreich aus Seide by Valentina Fast (to be updated)
  7. Royal – Ein Schloss aus Alabaster by Valentina Fast (to be updated)
  8. Royal – Eine Krone aus Stahl by Valentina Fast (to be updated)
  9. Royal – Eine Hochzeit aus Brokat by Valentina Fast (to be updated)

What have been my favorite books of November?
As you might guess, the Royal series looks pretty serious considering I barely read a whole series at once. I did, just that I couldn’t finish the last Royal book until December 1st. Actually Girl Online: Going Solo was my favorite book of the month because it just had its cozy atmosphere and was not stressful to read at all (again, glancing to Royal because this book series cost every single and last nerve of mine).

Going Solo has been the third and last book of the Girl Online installment and gave the reader a round and finishing touch on the series. Let’s see if Zoe is going to come up with another book trilogy. I would read her next book as well.

What has been my least favorite books of November?
I would have to go with How to be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul and Anna Karenina. Just because they have been my least favorite books it doesn’t mean that they were bad. I just didn’t enjoy them so much.

For Anna Karenina, this was a very long read! I started reading in August and finished in November because the story dragged on many levels far too often. I got annoyed by it by the end, but at least to say it had full built characters and a closed storyline. Nothing to complain about in that department.

For How to be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul, is just has been a very informative, but not all too new read about life at creative agencies, how to work your nerves up to start as a freelancer and so on.

Now let’s talk a bit about Royal
Yes, there are going to be reviews for every single book, which are in total 6 books. I have written them in German, yet not in English – but I want to post them as soon as possible. Until then, it has to do with this very short review: be in for some kind of a ride, it will kill your soul.

What has been your read books in November? Can you recommend any of them?

xo Annina

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The Royal and Fangirl auf Umwegen Covers are from Impress, Anna Karenina, Girl Online: Going Solo, How to be a Graphic Designer without losing your Soul are from Goodreads.


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