Review: Girl Online – Going Solo by Zoe Sugg


Hi guys,

it is here: the last book of the Girl Online trilogy by Zoe Sugg. If you missed them, I’ve written reviews for both Girl Online and Girl Online: On Tour. Let’s see how I liked Penny Porter’s Going Solo adventure in this one.

I would recommend not reading this review unless you have read both previous books in the Girl Online series.

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Book Information

Title: Girl Online: Going Solo
Author: Zoe Sugg
Pages: 280
Genre: Young Adult
Type: eBook
Price: 9,99€

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Published On: November 17th 2016


Penny Porter has to reorganize her life after her big break-up with American Rockstar Noah Flynn who disappeared from the public eye. Instead of focussing on her broken apart relationship, Penny dedicates her time to something else she loves dearly: photography. Not only that but she also tackles her anxiety by visiting her childhood, sometimes good, sometimes evil friend Megan at her new drama arts school in London. There she gets to meet Callum, a fellow photography student who catches her interest but also a drama student, Posey, who has terrible stage fright. Seeing parts of her anxiety problems in Posey, she of course wants to help her talented new friend. And overcoming Noah by dating Callum is a sudden new possibility as well. Not to forget that her best friend Elliot is in urgent need of her help as well, Penny asks herself if by finally being able helping others she is slowly becoming her true self.


So, that’s it. Remembering from Girl Online: On Tour I was mad how this book made Penny into a whiny girlfriend who needed a boyfriend to be happy. To be honest, it also went a bit over the top with the drama. Now that I’ve said this I am happy to announce that this book still forces Penny to have a boy in her life (next to Elliot, but we all know that Penny and Elliot are very tolerable together). And when I say happy, I mean it in a sarcastic way. I mean, WHY. Can’t she have another super drama besides boy drama? Why is this book called Going Solo when nothing of Going Solo really happened except for maybe ten pages? Do I smell a book clickbait here? For once, Penny went to a total new place and a boy caught her attention and asked for her number. And suddenly we had a bad Noah replacement to obsess about although we all knew they were not good together.

Now that I’ve mentioned that, I’m a sucker for the Noah and Penny relationship, maybe because it was so over the top in the last novel that this couple simply got contagious and you learned to love it no matter how annoying it got. Yes they are sweet, yes Noah was an idiot in On Tour and yes they basically told each other that they are going to be together forever. I might have snorted at that part because it was dripping cheesy. On the other hand, very Zoe. Enough of the relationship part of this book.

Who could be that traitor?!

There’s a traitor in the book and it’s basically so obviously written that I was questioning Zoe really hard. Like, how stupid does she think her readers are? Or even worse: she writes a rather sharp character (Penny) who can act SO DUMB in such an obvious situation that it hurt my brain. On the other side, this can happen in Young Adult fiction, so I have a mantra for these kind of paragraphs when they happen, so I won’t rip my book apart in anger.

Not to forget my all time favorite phrase in Young Adult novels was mentioned numerous times: I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Are people doing this on purpose? I thought authors were educated enough that this is a phrase no longer tolerated in the literature world since Twilight appeared? I have no words.

But still…

I still liked it because there was no grand relationship drama as in On Tour! Maybe because Noah was absent for a while or because it wasn’t all about Noah, what do I even know. It had a more relaxed and rounded atmosphere plus at some point of the story it was set in Scotland. And I adore Scotland, so Going Solo got a plus point for that.

Also the writing has been nice and easy-going, so it was a fast read you didn’t want to finish that fast.


4 out of 5 stars for Girl Online: Going Solo by Zoe Sugg because it was a nice, round final book with less drama and more focus on Penny herself. I’m kind of sad that this series is over since it has been refreshing to read about a young blogger with anxiety problems she tries to overcome the best she can. Plus a famous rock star side kick can’t hurt.

Am I the only one how has read this trilogy as Zoe and Alfie fanfiction?

xo Annina


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4 thoughts on “Review: Girl Online – Going Solo by Zoe Sugg

  1. I know that I would basically be spoiling it for myself, but I’m the type of person that gets immensely emotionally attached to the characters. So, do they get back together? Pls say yes. I beg u lol ❤

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