My Panic! At The Disco concert experience


Hi guys,

what a week it has been for me. Last Friday was total desperation because I did a website as side work and technic was hating me. Saturday was a friend’s birthday party and Sunday evening the Panic! At The Disco concert I’m gonna write about today. On Tuesday I’ve been to my first Justin Bieber concert, but that’s a whole other blog post. Least to say, I’m sick due this busy week.

Let’s fetz!

I’ve been thinking of attending their concert in Vienna for a while but actually never bought a ticket until it was too late and I had none. I was kinda sad because I really liked the latest album, but yeah, my fault. Unfortunately a friend of mine had to cancel her visit and therefore I got her ticket. As in, I knew a day before that I was going to be at the concert and didn’t really have any expectations. I couldn’t work them up that fast.

And I found out that it’s good to have none because it’s these times when you have an absolutely great time. I was clueless if Brendon Urie could sing live because I never thought of researching that fact on Youtube and such. Fans might have a breakdown by now reading this, but hey. I know now.


And he can sing, it was so amazing. Brendon sung loads of his new album songs and mixed some old ones up (I didn’t know them but liked them anyways, which is always a good thing) AND HE COVERED Bohemian Rhapsody by QUEEN! It was “the bomb”, to say at least. Secretly I wished for This is Halloween from Nightmare Before Christmas because this has been the first song I ever heard by Panic!. Also it has been my first “song” ringtone, so I was pretty much into that concert right after the first song.

I also smiled loads when Brendon hit the high notes because he’s great at that.

Also the crowd was wild, I loved it. Of course there have been cell phones involved (duh, I have to take at least some memories with me), but after all I thought that the phone rate was rather low im comparison to other concerts.

A rather energetic concerts I would have attended a second time right after the first one if this has been possible.

xo Annina





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