I’ve attended the Justin Bieber “Purpose” Tour in Vienna


Hi guys,

now that I’m thinking back to it, I’ve written a Selena Gomez concert blog post last year and found it horrible. Especially because I was squeezed in between people and kids thanks to the standing ticket. But this time I got a seating ticket and found that a very reasonable decision.

Let’s fetz!

The entrance

I knew that a Bieber concert would be wild thanks to his overly female Beliebers. But oh boy, I’ve never experienced something like this at Stadthalle in Vienna. The queuing system was totally different, the queues super long and the people super squeezed in the queues. I got to say thought that everybody seemed super relaxed and happy until the pushing towards the entrance started and you thought you might die there (I’m a little exaggerating). But the audience wasn’t all teens but very mixed up of ages (even saw boys there, that was kind of unusual to expect but whatever). I guess this is because of his majored music and his radio/spotify presence.

The Support


I only got to see The Knocks because I didn’t arrive earlier at the concert, but I liked the few songs I got to hear. The program said the first support would start at 19:30, the second at 20:00 and Justin Bieber at 20:45, so yeah, Justin got two support groups with him.

The main act -Justin Bieber


First of all, the stage show was amazing. They had a big screen behind the stage, a slanted one on the stage, a “cage” with LEDs on it and a freaking trampoline platform that would act as the extension of the stage. Not to forget fireworks, fire and fog machines. Oh and a pool at the end of the show where it rained from stage. Not that I was impressed by that or anything. Well, maybe I was more impressed by that than the actual singer.

Not to say that Justin Bieber couldn’t sing, he proofed that with his acoustic versions of Cold Water and Love Yourself, but he seemed a little bit sluggish at the concert. His dance moves were partly lame and I think he put too much focus on the melancholic songs. His catchy songs caught the crowd and made them cheery, but most of the time I felt a little put off by the slow songs.

Another thing I found odd was the fact that he turned his back to the audience few times, talking to them like that. You learn in school that you should not do that because otherwise it feels like as if you are closing the audience off. And it really felt kind of rude that he did that. Also he disappeared a lot of times in the ground (literally) only to appear again right after again. Like I said, it felt a little weird. And as the encore song Justin sang Sorry, so that tops it all.

During the concert, he asked a few fans for questions, which were a) very lame and super generic (what inspires you to do music, can you say something in german,…) and b) were as lamely answered. Justin, are you still awake?



Justin mainly sang songs from his latest album Purpose, but of course could not not play his other famous songs such as Baby, Boyfriend and As Long As You Love Me. I think this has been a good mix, so old and new songs come together and get celebrated equally.


Last to mention is that is has been a good concert with a bitter-sweet aftertaste. If I’m going to attend another Justin Bieber concert is depending on the mood of his next album.

xo Annina




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