My 10 favorite TV shows! [Part 1]


Hi guys,

since I’m still reading my super thick books (hello Anna Karenina and The Stand) and don’t have a review for you in a while, I’m going to write a bit about my currently favorite TV shows. Part 2 is going to be about potential future TV shows I want to see. Have fun! 🙂


Game of Thrones

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Age Rating: 16
Seasons: 6 and ongoing
Episode per season: ø 10
Duration of an episode: ~56 minutes
Channel: HBO

Nowadays, this is almost a no-brainer. A lot of people just love Game of Thrones and so do I! Seven main family houses fighting over a iron throne (literally made out of iron swords)? Count me in! There’s a lot of drama and shockers and you simply feel with the characters. Also you want to know who will end up on the Iron Throne because the show is very slowly working its way towards that part. Also several favorite characters get separated and it’s simply a mess of a TV show. A good mess, but still one. If you love high class fantasy, magic and dragons, this is your show.

By the way, has anybody here read the books? I did and I want A Winds of Winter out since, like, yesterday. The show is spoilering all the fun…ha ha haaa. Ha.


Gossip Girl

Genre: Drama, Romance
Age Rating: 12
Seasons: 6
Episode per season: ø 24
Duration of an episode: ~42 minutes
Channel: The CW

Some might have followed the part of my life that I was falling highs over heels over Gossip Girl. My sister told me to watch it since she absolutely loved it and was much earlier obsessed than I was. Me, the usual human being who wouldn’t watch something recommended by her sister because IT’S JUST THAT GOOD, wouldn’t watch it until late September 2014. Right after my sister, my mom and I have been to New York City and basically experienced the location of Gossip Girl – New York City – on our own – IT happened. I started watching Gossip Girl the weekend before university started again. Such a bad idea.

I mean, okay, I didn’t know I would get THAT obsessed over a drama of a group of super rich obnoxious teenagers who live in New York and gossip all the time? Well I DID at the reasons I did are called Chuck and Blair. My fellow Gossip Girl friends will know what I mean and the ones that don’t only will if they watch season 1 to 6 to get the pain of shipping Chuck and Blair aka the reason why the show even had 6 seasons.


The Walking Dead

Genre: Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Age Rating: 18
Seasons: 7 and ongoing
Episode per season: ø 16
Duration of an episode: ~44 minutes
Channel: AMC

In honor of tonight’s The Walking Dead premiere season 7, this show simply had to be in it.This is one of my very first binge-watching shows and I started watching this in fall 2011. Back in the day when I simply hated Game of Thrones because it was competing against The Walking Dead. By now, I like Game of Thrones a bit better.
This show is based on The Walking Dead comics by Robert Kirkman and is about Sheriff Rick Grimes. Rick gets shot during a deployment and wakes up from a coma in a post-apocalyptic world. This must suck. Anyways, Rick is determinated to find his family and keep his people safe. Which is basically the plot of season 1 to 7. It’s your decision if Rick is doing a good job.


Downton Abbey

Genre: Drama, Romance
Age Rating: 12
Seasons: 6
Episode per season: ø 9
Duration of an episode: ~ 58
Channel: ITV (Independent Television)

Downton Abbey is a very nice and posh little series which makes you start talking in a posh english accent if you binge-watch it too long. This series is about an english family house in the 1910s and follows their lifes, not to forget the life of their attendants. It’s really interesting, dramatic and funny, not to forget that Dame Maggie Smith is having a nice part in it. Also you can ship certain characters, so helloooo for me.


Orphan Black

Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Age Rating: 14
Seasons: 4 and ongoing
Episode per season: ø 10
Duration of an episode: ~44 minutes
Channel: BBC America

My first Netflix binge-watch series. As in I got the Netflix account and started watching Season 1 of Orphan Black within a day. I didn’t know what year it has been after finishing. Orphan Black intrigues within the first ten minutes of the first episode and doesn’t get boring after that. It is about Sarah Manning, a woman who finds out that she has a clone – or maybe more than one? Investigating her clone after an incident and taking over her life she realizes that her life is far different than she had ever believed.


Modern Family

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Age Rating: 12
Seasons: 8 and ongoing
Episode per season: ø 22
Duration of an episode: ~22 minutes
Channel: ABC

This comedy is about the daily life of a patchwork family which centers around the father Jay, and his children Claire and Mitchell. Each family struggles with daily problems that might or might not include other family members which mixes together into a very lovely and fun to watch TV show. Even with eight seasons and ongoing it never gets boring and I am looking forward to watch a new episode every time.

Also your favorite characters might switch from episode to episode (at least this is happening to me) because they all are simply that great. Isn’t that a good treat of a fun show to watch?


Saturday Night Live

Genre: Sketch-Comedy, Music
Age Rating: 12
Seasons: 42 and ongoing
Episode per season: ø 21
Duration of an episode: One Hour
Channel: NBC

A sketch-comdey series airing on Saturday Night on NBC. It tackles pop culture in various ways, such as making fun of commercials, politics, celebrities and TV shows in short sketches. Many knows comedy actors, musicians or even talk show hosts such as Kristen Wiig, Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon had their break through because of Saturday Night Live (okay Justin was known before because of NSYNC but I hope you get my point).

I simply love it because it makes you laugh when you had a bad day but also because it’s so up-to-date with their themes and political talks. They have a different host every episode and a different musical act. In the middle of the episode there’s a “News Update” sketch which is basically a news broadcast but with comedic elements in it. The musical guest plays his/her song in the first half of the episode and in the second half in it, usually in the middle of each half. So you can say the live show has a structure when which element is playing.

I had Saturday Night Life as my theoretical Bachelor thesis so I know a few things about SNL and could go on and on. Also I wish I could see it live for once, so I keep dreaming.



Genre: Comedy, Drama
Age Rating: 16
Seasons: 7 and ongoing
Episode per season: ø 12
Duration of an episode: ~46 minutes
Channel: Showtime

Oh Shameless, the show I’m really slow to watch and when I’m watching I know why I love it so much. This is a drama-comedy about the life of big sister Fiona living in the suburbs of Chicago with her five siblings since their father isn’t caring for and about them. The title promises what this show is all about: being shameless and doing what the hell you wanna do! Well doing whatever you want to do of course has consequences and having a ruthless father like alcoholic Frank Gallagher certainly left a trail on the life of his six children.

I love this show because it’s so raw, funny and simply real. It doesn’t feel sugar-coated and has a plot where you want to be happy for all of them and get Frank out of the way. I’m still wondering why this dude is still alive.


Orange is the New Black

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
Age Rating: 16
Seasons: 4 and ongoing
Episode per season: ø 13
Duration of an episode: One Hour
Channel: Netflix

Piper Chapman gets charged and arrested for a crime she has committed years ago and therefore gets sent to Litchfield, a women-only prison. Feeling mistreated and out of place, she has to settle in and get used to the idea that she has to stay in Litchfield for a while. And just because she tries to be friendly with everyone, it doesn’t mean that everyone else welcomes her warmly into the prison.

As far as I remember I was hooked since Episode One. It felt like an unique storytelling and the setting was different from the shows I usually watch. The mix of drama and comedy made the TV show watch super easily and you learn to love so many characters since Orange Is The New Black shows the backstories of other prisoners besides Piper as well. Good move and therefore each episode has a new side to discover.


Stranger Things

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery
Age Rating: 16
Seasons: 1 and ongoing
Episode per season: ø 8
Duration of an episode: ~55 minutes
Channel: Netflix

When 12 year old Will Byers mysteriously disappears, his three friends Dustin, Mike and Lucas start looking for him and find a girl, who they call Eleven and got telekinesis powers, who claims to know Will’s location. As the four friends slowly uncover the whole truth behind Will’s disappearance, a government’s agency tries to cover it all up.

This had to be THE show of summer 2016. Everybody was talking about Stranger Things and I was binge-watching the whole season on Sunday, the weekend Stranger Things aired on Netflix. This is how good it is, because I rarely do it anymore. A friend of mine told me to watch it since I like Stephen King and she was absolutely right, I loved it. Mix in Steven Spielberg and 80s movies and there you go. It had a nostalgic feeling with super nice visuals, music and of course a storyline you couldn’t resist! Season 2, where are you?

I’m keeping up on my TV shows with a wonderful app called TVShow Time! If you are watching lots of TV and want to have an overview of how many episodes you have watched already or when the next episode will be airing, this is your app. Also it’s free with the possibility to get an premium upgrade 🙂

So there have been my currently 10 favorite TV shows! What are your favorite ones and have you seen some of yours in this list? Let’s talk about them down below in the comment section! 🙂

xo Annina


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