This will happen in October!


Hi guys,

little life update here because I think this is needed after I reviewed my work blog plan for the following month, October.

Two big reviews are lining up and that’s probably going to take my whole month up. And with big reviews I also mean huge books. For one, the long awaited book from Bloggerportal – The Stand by Stephen King (1700 pages long) – and for the other, the upcoming sequel of German series Kernstaub – Weltasche 1 by Marie Graßhoff (around 700 pages long). I’m especially excited for Weltasche since I applied for officially reviewing it and Marie apparently wanted to hear my opinion on the sequel, so I’m very happy to be one of her reviewers! 🙂

Next to reading these two monster books, I am working on a website – since I’m a designer (which you really shouldn’t judge on the quality of my banners) – and that takes up time. I already freaked out big time a few times since I’m very good at panicking.


What is The Stand by Stephen King about?

A very contagious and deadly virus is infecting and killing America and is spreading fast! The very few survivors of it try to safe civilization and have to defeat a mystical creature, the embodiment of evil.
The book starts off by telling how the virus starts spreading, then slowly introduces characters and their impact in the whole plot and their part to play. I really like this about Stephen King novels because he does explain people so well and seems to choose normal, everyday people as the heroes of the story. It is always an extraordinaire thing to read a novel by this author and so far, I loved every book I have read by him. Which are 11 books, by the way. Two other unread ones are waiting to be read.

weltasche-1What is Weltasche – Über das Gift an Quallenmembranen by Marie Graßhoff about?

In this sequel of Kernstaub, Weltasche tells the story of Mara looking for her fitting jellyfish while crossing over fallen continents and dead cities. Together with the cities the young woman is at her limit. But while she is still grieving over her lost companion, a new danger is awaiting her: her presence has woken an old god, who disturbs the balance of the dimensions. Broken by the Zeitgeist, Mara tries to safe a world which has lost its right to be saved a long time ago. A world which always wanted Mara’s death. Will she be able to safe the word? Or will the parting of the Universe break Mara after all? (Loose translation by me, summary from goodreads).

The release of Weltasche is soon, so be ready for it!

What else is there to say?

Well next to reading and reviewing these books and working on the website, Inktober is around the corner! Which is an event where whoever wants to participate is drawing – or rather inking – a themed Halloween/October picture for a fitting everyday theme. I try to participate in it and if I manage to, post an end result at the beginning of November.

Yay for me if I follow it through.

So that’s been about me. What are your plans for October?

xo Annina

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The cover from The Stand is from, the cover from Weltasche is from Drachenmond Verlag.






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