Hey guys, 

for today there’s a very different blog post because it’s more of an announcement: my blog Blattzirkus turned one years old this month! And I’m super proud that it actually turned one and that I haven’t just abandoned it after having it for a couple of months. That’s progress.

So what has happened with my blog within that year?

Basically, for once, it survived that long. I already tried writing blogs twice and I always abandoned them because I forgot about them or had no time or inspiration for it. It probably wasn’t the right timing for me writing blogs and stuff. But now that a lot of people are doing it and you see so many cool inspiring blogs, it probably stays exciting because you want to be as good as them one time.

That, if I actually start putting effort into this. Which I don’t. Just saying. I want to, but then I’m like – this is a hobby, not a job! I’m trash. Let’s see what the second year will bring, coming to making effort with posts.

Second, here are some statistics!

I can’t leave this post without adding statistics. I was thinking about not making my views public but what the heck, who would use them?

Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-04 um 15.21.14

As of the day of September 4th, I wrote 63 blog posts, had 899 page views and 489 visitors. For me, that’s a lot. I’m not huge at advertising things (because I don’t make too much effort and that’s embarrassing) so that’s an okay number. I get some books I ask at publishing houses, so I think that’s not too bad.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-04 um 15.21.40

Apparently WordPress sucks, so I have no idea how I can make September 2015 reappear again. My monthly statistics look fun tough, with regular swings.

Oct. 15: Views 54/ Visitors 17; Nov.: VIE 68/VIS 36; Dec.: VIE 55/VIS 33;

Jan.: 127/65 ; Feb.: 62/34 ; March: 69/41 ; April: 61/34 ; May: 127/65 ; June: 29/25 ; July: 58/40 ; August: 132/69 ;

How about my diversity of blog posts?

So, how many reviews have I written? How many book talks? Is there even much diversity in my blog?

Category Books

1x Book Preview (Magnus Chase)
21x Book Talks
30x Full Book Reviews

Category Life

1x News (Nominated for Liebster Award)
1x Movie & TV Shows (The Sound of Music)
1x Vacation (How not to pack your bag for vacation)
2x Music (Selena Gomez & Troye Sivan)

How many follower do I have by now?

On WordPress, 25 people are following me.
On Twitter, there are 23 Followers.
On Instagram, 49 people subscribed to my account.
And last but not least, I have 3 people liking my page on Facebook.

Better some than none, right?

(Note from the Editor (which is me, but it does sound cooler): WordPress is at 26, Twitter at 25, Instagram at 55 and Facebook at 7 likes).


That’s pretty much it. Let’s hope this blog will survive another year (it has too, I have some books to review…) and that a few people want to read what I write 🙂

xo Annina







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