Review: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King


Hi guys,

it might not be that obvious here, but I’m a really huge Stephen King fan. So it should be no surprise that I loved this one as well!


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Trisha is lost in the woods because she couldn’t take her fighting brother and mother anymore. As a child with a divorced mother and an angry father it’s not easy to keep up and be acknowledged if you got to pee when you got to pee. And if you lose your sense of direction you either might find this horribly funny and die or you gotta try and find your way back and mabye die trying it. Following a nine year old through the most horrible thing that can happen to you as a kid, the reader gets a sense that maybe, just maybe, Trisha is not alone in the woods and something horrible, even dark, is following her.


It’s a pretty solid book, not a horror genre though. You might get scared when you think what would happen if you were in Trisha’s shoes and what she has to do to survive. How she keeps walking in the wrong direction while she senses that something is following her.

You get to know Trisha and her family since being this isolated in the woods make your thoughts wander a lot. And you get to know Tom Gordon, Trisha’s favorite baseball player of the Red Sox. A little light always keeps Trisha going since she has her walkman with her and keeps listening to a Red Sox game just to hear voices and feeling not that alone. To keep going.

The nine year old seems a lot older for her age when you get to know her thoughts and willingness to survive. How she is treating the divorce of her parents far better than her brother and reflecting on her times with her father.

I also mentioned this book to be pretty solid since not a lot is happening there plot wise. It keeps going and suddenly it’s over. I thought: “What, this has been it?” as in “well that wasn’t action packed but definitely a nice read”. On the other hand, it is exciting because you simply hope that Trisha finds out of the woods alive, so you keep reading. Just as Trisha keeps going and her hopes high up.

People who have read Stephen King before and liked his writing style should read this, people who want to start with Stephen King – rather read Carrie or The Shining. I know, these are the basic Stephen King books but good ones to start with.

It’s been a nice thing that although you were reading from Trisha’s perspective in third person, you also got an insight of people who weren’t Trisha which was uplifting the plot and literally giving it a fresh perspective.

3 out of 5 stars for a very solid Stephen King book.

xo Annina

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