Review: Erebos by Ursula Poznanski


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this is a review of a German book called Erebos. This book got translated into English for those who might be interested in it but don’t speak German. Enjoy!


Book Information
Pages: 448
Published In: June 6th 2011
Publisher: Loewe
Price: € 9,95
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Erebos is a game that secretly makes its rounds at Nick’s school. The students who own it aren’t allowed to talk about it or give a copy to a person if it isn’t specifially ordered to. Also, these gamers run around tired, paranoid and secretive. They don’t show up to classes or after class, sports and dangerous situations occur. Nick wants to find out more about this game, but can’t until a classmate offers Erebos to him. Of course Nick starts to play it and gets sucked into the world of Erebos, a computer roll play game where players have to manage quests in game and in reality. The game is about leveling up the gamer’s character to get better gear, gold and higher levels to be in the chosen inner circle of Erebos and be part of destroying the fortress Ortolan. Little do the players of Erebos recognize of how dangerous this game is becoming and soon it’s not a game any longer.


First of all, I pretty much ate this book up. If there hadn’t been work, I’m sure I would have read it in one sitting. The writing is so compelling and especially fitting to the storyline, since I basically was addicted to reading it. It’s not a fantasy or illogical storyline, there is some explanation to everything and that’s why I loved it even more. The characters were so nice and well written, I loved it.

For me, there have been two parts in this book: one part playing in real life, where Nick had to communicate with classmates, parents, friends or had to fulfill quests, no matter how weird and dangerous it seems. Do it for the Vine, it might have whispered else. I mean Erebos, of course.
The other part of the story happened in-game. Nick wasn’t Nick anymore but his alter ego Sarius, who had to fulfill quests in the medieval setting. He felt stronger there, the world of Erebos has become Nick’s better life. In his real life he only was thinking about Erebos anymore. He truly became addicting until a wake up call rang and ripped him out of the game.

Writing this, I could really feel with Nick. When there has been a dangerous situation, my heart started beating because damn, the writing. You can feel with him and that’s such a nice thing about the book, because you really get into it and be connected with the story.You could only hope he would choose for the better because you kind of became to know Nick and you knew he was good at heart. Oh this book with it’s good characters, because there have been some of Nick’s friends who you could only love.

The genre could be a young adult – fantasy – thriller mix, because all of these elements are included, merging into each other. The book is set in London, but you wouldn’t notice much for it in general. It could have played at any other school for example. Okay, wrongly written: you will know that is it set in London, but if I tell you why then the story is spoiled.

That said, you need to explore Erebos on your own to see what I mean with all my gibberish “Oh I love it so much!” talk. Close to the Erebos players telling other non players to go and play Erebos to see what they are loving so much about this book. IT’S TRULY EREBOS THROUGH AND THROUGH.

xo Annina

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