A little Book-Tube-A-Thon Update

Hi guys, 

a little update here about my Book-Tube-A-Thon process, since day 4 is almost over there are only 3 days left! AAAAH.

So far, I have totally mixed up my plan. Basically turned it upside down. Okay, so I’ve started Frankenstein although I wanted to read Gossip Girl first. I turned that around because I would need to read Gossip Girl within a day for my Popsugar Reading Challenge.

I underestimated Frankenstein with its heavy english and it took me far too long to read it although it doesn’t have so many pages. Finished it on Tuesday. But I managed to read Zenith on day 1, just according to my plan.

Also I saw that I wouldn’t manage to read all my book due to work unless I would listen to the audiobook version of it at the office. So I started listening to Frankenstein and The 5th Wave – and I finished The 5th Wave today, at Thursday.

Three books down, four to go. Doesn’t sound that bad, right?

Tomorrow I try to read Gossip Girl or The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants to at least read/listen to as much as possible. I got something personal planned on Monday, so I don’t know yet if it’s humanly possible for me to complete this challenge (probably not) but I’ll try my best.

The Challenges:

Read a book only after sunset
Read a book you discovered through booktube

Read a book by one of your favorite authors

Read a book that is older than you

Read a book with yellow on the cover

Read and watch a book-to-movie adaptation
Read seven books

Done: 5
To go: 2
Books: 3/7

Here is the complete list with my Book-Tube-A-Thon books if you are interested.

xo Annina




2 thoughts on “A little Book-Tube-A-Thon Update

    1. Thank you! It’s four books by now and even less time to finish this challenge. I probably will need to change my book list if I want to get done as much as possible haha. Good luck to you too xo


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