Read in June 2016


Hi guys, 

yes I have been very inactive during June, but not with reading! I still need to figure out where I want to go with this blog, so it’s gonna stay for a while with this. I hope you enjoy my monthly reading lists though!


1 The Dark Huntsman by Jessica Aspen
2 Cell by Stephen King
3 Märchenhaft erlöst by Maya Shepherd (Only available in German)


The Dark Huntsman by Jessica Aspen
Pages: 350
Price: 11,91€ (Paperback)
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The Dark Huntsman was not my time of genre, I have simply chosen it because it has been on my reading list for a while (by now I don’t know why). It is a mixture of New Adult and Fantasy with a touch of fairytale (hello Snow White). Desperate to save the last of her family from the murderous Faery Queen, Trina Mac Elvy weaves a spell of entrapment. But instead of a common soldier, the queen has released the Dark Huntsman, a full blooded fae with lethal powers. Caged for treason, Logan Ni Brennan, is ready to do anything to win free of the manipulative queen, even if it includes running a last errand for her…murdering a witch. The sight of Trina, ready to fight despite the odds, gives him another option: use the witch as a chess piece, put the queen’s son on the throne, and bring down the queen forever. (After goodreads)

I didn’t like it because the plot and it’s characters have been too shallow for me and too unoriginal. Simple as that. And as mentioned before, the genre isn’t exactly my style, especially in this combination. Also I didn’t like the writing as it has been, it simply hasn’t been my style, it felt a little too edgy.

2 out of 5 stars


Cell by Stephen King
Pages: 480
Price: 9,49€ (Paperback)
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Cell by Stephen King is about a apocalypse triggered by cell phones. The main character Clayton Riddell travels with his companions he met during the early and mid stages of the apocalypse to find his young son and maybe figure out how all this mess has started.

I enjoyed this book a lot, I m a huge Stephen King fan nevertheless. You got to love his weirdness with stories and his writing style (well it’s always this thing with authors). I so far have read a few works by him and by all means, I won’t stopp soon. I got a whole Stephen King shelf so far. Yes, this is how much I love his stories. And if you like post-apocalypse stories, there are a few by now, especially The Walking Dead, then you will enjoy this book. Also the main characters were very likeable, so it has been easy to root for them.

4 out of 5 stars

Märchenhaft erlöst

Märchenhaft erlöst by Maya Shepherd
Pages: 344
Price: 11,99€ (Paperback)
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Since this book is in German, there isn’t a proper english title, so I’m sorry. It is kind of translatable into “magically released”. This is the second book of a series and I haven’t reviewed the first one into English. Sorry about that. There is going to be a part 3 as well.

To quickly summarize what these books are about: a mix between The Selected and Fairytales! A girl from the common people and her sister participate in a selection to be the wife and future queen of a young and handsome prince. To be chosen to participate in the next round, the girls have to manage difficult tasks.

That has been roughly the summary of Book 1, without having mentioned that the main character Heera didn’t really want to be the next future queen but is in fact participating int his crazy ride to protect and push her sister. Unfortunately for Heera, she begins to fall for the Prince and her little sister starts to see her as serious competiton.

Book 2 starts with a round of Selection, as in who will stay in the castle to participate in more dangerous tasks. Suddenly the castle and all their people gets stolen, so Heera and her rescue team, eh competitors, have to travel over seven mountains and lands to find their handsome prince and defeat the evil queen.

I liked the first book because of its fairytale-y writing style and how fairytales have been woven into the story. The second book has been a little bit too much of that style. It has been partly far too naive for me and therefore too annoying (sorry that I’m easily annoyed). I really flew over the book because it has been too much for me. Maybe I could have liked it a bit more if I went in a bit more prepared of that style. Who knows.

3 out of 5 stars

So people, this has been my reading list of June! How has your June looked like? What did you read? Did you, by any chance, read the same books as I did, or at least one of them? Have you read those at all? Let me know! 🙂

xo Annina

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