Review: The Stranger by Harlan Coben


Hi guys,

it has been a while since I have read a book in one sitting. Today’s the day I will review a thrilling book I have read within a sitting – The Stranger!


Book Information
Pages: 384
Published in: October 6th 2015
Publisher: Dutton
Price: 7,40 € (Paperback)
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Adam Price, husband and father sits at a Pub, sitting in for his wife Corinne since the High School Lacrosse managers decide which boy goes to which team – team A or B. While waiting for the event to begin, a stranger approaches Adam and shatters Adam’s world with one sentence: Corinne has faked her pregnancy. Giving further information on how Adam can find out that the stranger speaks the truth, the man disappears and leaves Adam in utter disbelief. Again at home, Adam finds out that the stranger spoke the truth and confronts Corinne with it. She begs Adam to let her explain herself at a Dinner the next evening. Adam agrees to that meeting and waits the next evening for Corinne at that restaurant – unsuccessfully. Corinne leaves him a text that she’s sorry, she needs a few more days and that Adam has to take care of the kids.

But something seems strange about that text, so Adam decides to find Corinne. And by finding Corinne, he needs to find the Stranger first.


Oh I really liked Adam, he seemed like a really good guy, caring for his boys and his wife. And his determination of finding his wife while having to stress about the fact that it doesn’t really look good on him that his wife made not only a disappearance on him but on all the other people Corinne’s life as well – friends and job. Facts about Corinne appear that Adam don’t really believe but other people stress on him to believe them. Adam knows that time is running out for him and that he needs to find Corinne as soon as possible to explain the chaos he has found himself in.

Adam is by the way the main character of the story, the main point of view. All the other characters were mainly sidekicks, not as fully fleshed as Adam was, so I’m gonna leave it here as it is.

My opinion

As I mentioned above, I read this book in a sitting. Not because it has been short but because it has been so exciting to read! The reader wants to find out what happened with Corinne, why she did what she did and why she can’t be found at all. You want her to be found so the chaos stops and everything can go back to normal again.

So yeah, I really liked the writing style. It has been my first Harlan Coben book and my first thriller author next to Stephen King – yes I call Stephen King a thriller author as well, sue me. You couldn’t stop reading and that’s because the writing style has been so amazing and fluently.

As I’ve mentioned in the characters section, Adam has been the main Point of View character in the book, yet there have been two other characters that we could follow, even if not that frequently as Adam: The Stranger and another man from another totally different storyline that messes up the big story. That has been a neat addition since it has made Adam’s story even more eager to read. It all made more sense then and the reader started to see things slowly clearer.

I give The Stranger by Harlan Coben 5 out of 5 stars because it doesn’t deserve less than that.

Thanks to my dear friend Virginie from The Brunettes for giving it to me as a birthday gift, it has truly been one.

xo Annina

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