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I’ve been waiting for this book to come out such a long time and I was so afraid of whome Eadlyn would pick! Did my fears come true? What am I even talking about? Read down below!


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Pages: 279
Published in: May 3rd 2016
Publisher: HarperTeen
Price: 10,45 € (Paperback)
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Eadlyn has the problem every bachelor gets when signing up to a new season of The Bachelor: Which girl (in this case man) is going to be Eadlyns future husband? Ugh boys! Ugh marriages! She wants to rule her own kingdom, why does life have to be so mean?

Okay, she’s not complaining like that but she could have, in a better universe where The Bachelor was a mythical creature. Good, enough nonsense, I can feel that some people get confused who don’t know what The Crown or rather, The Selection series, is all about! But since this is a review for The Crown, spoilers are just waiting around the corner. Be warned.

The Crown picks off where The Heir has stopped: America, her mother, has had an heart attack and her whole family is devestaded by that. Will her mother survive? Nobody knows. Since her father isn’t in the right mindset of ruling a whole country (who can blame him for that?), Eadlyn steps up and takes his place for a while. Which is already stressful, but since she has to lead the Selection as well to determinate a future husband, things get almost too crazy for her. Will she manage her country and will she choose a right future husband? I’m not saying too much here because it won’t be clear until the very end and I like people guessing.


Eadlyn Schreave: I liked her at the beginning since she wanted to rule the kingdom on her own without needing a future husband. But since her parents shoved that up to her she had no other chance. She might have warmed up to a few boys but she got a little too drama queen for me. And she was still kinda cold until the very end, so it wasn’t really easy to believe that she felt for the boys as she claimed to feel. Just saying.

The family members of Eadlyn have been much more realistic for me, probably because we read of Maxon and America for three books and felt more for them. At least I did. I can’t say much about Eadlyn’s siblings since they rarely appeared.

As usual, you could see soon who would be the Elite boys of Eadlyn depending on how much they were mentioned in the books and in Eadlyn’s mind. Yes, there are a few surprises and yes, I might not like it at all, but yeah. Most of the boys simply seemed so flatly written, you couldn’t really like any of them properly.

My opinion

As mentioned above, I had a lot of issues with the characters. They have been so 2 dimensional, it’s unbelievable. Where are the details that have been there with the first three Selection books? Why did Kiera Cass have to be in such a rush with the storyline? Why why why? Too many why’s there.

The author retained her usual writing style, it has been easy to read – and fast to read. For me the book hasn’t been to excited at all since there have been clues on who Eadlyn would choose. If you couldn’t guess, then sorry. Eadlyn had a lot to do with her country, yet I feel like there haven’t been too many visible issues. Yes, the nation had trust issues with Eadlyn and there were a few hints but real issues as in The Selection books? You can look for them but you won’t find them. Simply said, not only the characters lacked of depth, but also the whole story did.

So, the conclusion is simple: if there is already a full rounded trilogy, don’t you dare to write another two to three books just to keep it barely alive. I’m looking at you too, Cassandra Clare. What is it with you people who want to desperately keep dying stories alive? Oh I could list a few book series, TV shows and movies here…but I wont.

For obvious reasons, this book got 2 out of 5 stars. Check out my rating system if you want to know what my ratings actually say.

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