My Fail at the #WingsForLife Charity Run


Hi guys,

first of all: whatever I’m writing now, it’s been my own fault. I knew I wasn’t prepared and still put in far too much work for my own body. Also I’m that person, who will do things never normally, but the extreme way. Just like I decided from one day to another to do an exchange year in New Zealand after my mom tried to convince me for years to do a language travel to the UK for like two weeks (I ended up living in Oregon, USA for half a year. I still want to go to New Zealand).

So last Sunday, May 8th, I did a charity run called Wings for Life. This special run is dedicated to those who can’t run any longer or at all and the starter fee (50€) is donated to spinal cord research. So even if you would decide to not run, you still did something good. I shouldn’t have done that run.

And here’s why: last November I decided that I wanted to run the Vienna City Half Marathon as a person, who hates sports and can’t run fast at all. I’m thin to a point where people ask me why I can eat whatever I want without getting fat as hell and I’m below the average BMI with 18 points (?) (before I started working I had one between 16-17). It’s a genetic thing. So coming from nothing, I started training the full November, then gave up when Winter hit Austria and the topic has been off discussion.

Around March, my cousin who is a rather active runner, asked me that since I wouldn’t do the VCM, how about joining her at Wings for Life? This run wouldn’t have a finish line but the finish line was chasing you! After the runner’s started running, 30 minutes would pass until chasing cars started catching up to the runners. If the cars catch you, your run is over and you basically have passed the finish line.

Me, having trained like three times in the first April week and then until the run, did nothing at all, was positive to manage 10 kilometers. I have a feeling that I might have been able to do that, minus the horrible weather we actually had. I’m still far too positive about this.

The weather had been 22 celcius degrees sunshine and the first 4 kilometers have been in nothing but sunshine! Who needs a cap to keep safe from the sun? Certainly not me! Water to carry with you? For losers and it’s unnecessary stuff! Running far too fast because everybody else is too? Sure why not! Running with trained people while you are basically a jellyfish? Sounds like a great idea.

You see, my life is full of great decisions and just because I’m an untrained jellyfish doesn’t mean I can’t be as good as trained runners! Dream big! Big like a huge idiot called me.

I managed to run 2.5 kilometers before having to stop because my body was trying to kill me from the inside. Legs were ouchy, mouth was thristy, skin was far too hot, everything was uncomfortable and I started to think: “I hate this”. And if you start thinking this, the running game is basically over. Your mind set is poisoned and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get up properly anymore. In April I was able to run 7 kilometers without stopping and now I couldn’t even do full 3 kilometers, I just felt pure hatred. No matter that I had to stop running because I got a wisdom tooth pulled out and was sick, no. That didn’t mattter because one time I reached 7 kilometers and I just had to reach that goal again, no matter what.

So I fought to kilometer 5, with some walking stops, until I reached the part where you could at least drink a bit. The station has been at the beginning of Mariahilferstraße’s shopping mile and I was glad to know this part, because I had something to drink and a downhill path to conquer. The first few minutes were great again, but then my personal hell started. It has been hell-ish before, but this has been especially gruesome.

While a lot of people where cheering for the runners, you are simply compelled to run, basically to not look like an idiot for the audience and for the broadcast cameras. The sun hit me hard after leaving Mariahilfer and I started to shiver. Okay, it’s been a bit windy and the route has been through the shadowry shopping mile, I’m good. But the shivering didn’t stop and got even worse. I could feel that it was hot and that I should feel hot instead of cold, covered in goosebumps. From this moment on I knew I had to take it easy because feeling cold instead of hot on a hot day isn’t a good sign of the body.

The car caught me at 6.9 kilometers and I like to put it at 7 kilometers, because damn these 100 meters! If it had been even 100! So it took me around two hours to get home from the route I got caught (The Parliament) to my cousins flat to my home (with a few stops). On my journey home I felt incredibly tired, but not bad or something like that. But when I got home, dizziness and sickness hit me hard and I had to lay down for three hours to get better again. And drink lots of fluids!

So it turned out that a combination of too much sun, running and far not enough water to drink is really bad for you. Who had to test it? Yes, me. I felt like dying that Sunday afternoon and it has been an afternoon (not too well) spent inside because the outside brought me more dizziness. Great job.

And I really don’t want to mention my placement in the run, it hasn’t been great at all (who knew). But that day taught me a few things and by now I even want to run next year again, with more training it advance and better preparations. Because at some point it has been fun and running on the streets whereas you are normally not allowed to run was cool.

Greetings from my sarcastic personality!

xo Annina

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2 thoughts on “My Fail at the #WingsForLife Charity Run

  1. Well, dont worry. At least you tried. Of course better preparation would’ve been something to bring you more forward in the run but you did at least 7km so be proud at yourself. Other people dont even try Marathons so its okay 😀

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    1. I can’t really be proud of myself since I felt so bad while running that it was just a fail. But I know better now and next time it will be better – with more training of course 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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