Review: The Crane Wife by Patrick Ness


Hi guys,

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Patrick Ness’ books so eventually I had to buy one written by him. But not a book that I’ve heard good things of, no, a book that would fit the criteria for my Popsugar Reading Challenge and one with a insane pretty cover. I’ve got The Crane Wife ready for you!


Book Information
Pages: 320
Published In: 30th December 2014
Publisher: Penguin Books
Price: Paperback € 14

First of all, I love this edition of the book! There are a few other ones and I was really searching for this one. You can buy it at Bookdepository! The choice of color is so nice and the cover art is really well fitting to the book.

George Duncan, a 50-year old American living in the UK, wakes up one night by a strange sound. He finds a crane in the middle of his small garden, shot by an arrow in the wing. George doesn’t realize if it is a dream or not, yet saves the crane. On the next day a woman called Kikomu walks into his printshop where George works at and asks for a frame/recopy of her work, really beautifully cuttings no one can really give an adjective to. George is not only amazed by the woman, but the cuttings too. From this day on, the book not only follows the story of George and Kikumo as they start their million pounds worth art business but George’s daughter too as she has to raise as a 25 year old her son JP.

All the mentioned characters are loveable and well written. They seem to be not shallow at all and fit the magical writing of Patrick Ness.

My Opinion
I really was thinking about if I should write a review about it because I don’t have much to say about it. First of all: it has been a wonderful and easy read, that’s for sure. I just had the problem that it seems as if not much was happening in the book. Should I categorize it as a “it’s more of a feel than a driven story”? If I wanted to spoil, I could pretty much explain the plot point, but that would be no fun. You read and read and are suddenly finished with the story. There had been life struggles. There had been this miracle that kind of changed the life of people to the better.

The reader gets to read two point of views: The view of George Duncan and the view of Amanda Duncan. Personally I liked Amanda better because she was more edgy as a character than George who seemed more like to live on a cotton candy cloud. Plus Amanda had a humor I liked better.

So I guess that’s been it. I gave it 3 out of 5 goodreads stars because it has been good, but not really exciting for me.

Have a good week!

xo Annina

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