My INSANE pile of UNREAD books!

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Hi guys,

since I’ve got that problem of not reading as many books as buying them I guess I want to share my pile of unread books I own! It’s not a pile of books I just want to read, but only books I already own and haven’t read. There are a few.

SuB Books2.png

You probably have read about most of them in one of my previous posts. And yet they are still there. Still they are not as many as my unread eBooks. Oh help.


SuB Books.png

Luckily most of my Popsugar Reading Challenge books are eBooks (since I have to ride the train, it’s more handy to read an eBook than an actual book plus I get used to reading more eBooks than normal books. Kinda weird but okay for me).

And as a bonus you get my Amazon wishlist

SuB Books3

The titles I’ve written in German are only available in that language. But yeah, I still want those books and since they are on my Amazon wishlist they’re as good as bought, that’s why they made it into this post.

What are your Unread Books ? Do you have any at all (if you don’t, then I salute to you)? If yes, how many? Do you just as much have a problem of not reading yet buying or is it just me?

I realized by going through all my books that I really want to read all of them ASAP! So I think going through your pile of unread books helps preventing buying new ones (and therefor growing this miserably huge pile) but also it’s a good way to find books you want to read next if you don’t already have a list to do so. I have like three or four of them.

Have a great day!

xo Annina

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