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Review: Red Dragon by Thomas Harris

Hi guys,

I’ve been obsessing with the TV show “Hannibal” for half a year now (I finished it last week) and started reading the book which the show is based on pretty much right away.

Red Dragon

Book information
Pages: 348
Published on: November 16th 1980
Publisher: Dutton


The book follows FBI profiler Will Graham. After a tragic accident in which he caught Cannibal Hannibal Lecter, he retired with his wife and his step-son to a quiet place in Florida. Not so quiet after Jack Crawford, Will’s mentor, asks him to work again with him to find a murdered of two families. Needless to say, Will agrees to work with Jack although he well remembers the time he almost got killed by catching Hannibal. And from that moment on you just know that Will is going to be in danger again.


How can you not love Will Graham – and protect him, if we say so. The story is elvolving around him, next to the killer, whereas you get to know Will better and feel that he has a pretty fragil mind already. If that’s not enough, Hannibal tries to reach out from his prison of the Cheasapeak Asylum, no, the killer is also behind his back. You really hope that Will figures out the murder case and comes out of this mess alive.

Hannibal Lecter isn’t a really prominent character in this book. He doesn’t show up often in a scene or is mentioned at all. This is a book more about the basics of Hannibal Lecter. You get to know him and his history with Will through the story, yet the story is about another psychopath. I read somewhere that it’s the case because you first get an insight about a general psychopath, not just Hannibal, to move on to him in the following books.

Then there is the killer. You get a pretty good view on his behaviour and thinking, the reader basically understands why he does what he does and how he became this person. Which makes you kind of sympathetic for him because you can read the reasons why he got like this. I mean it’s still his decision to kill people but brainwashing isn’t cool either.

The side characters are well written and not annoying. You get why there are there and have some depths. That’s how you do well written side characters.

My opinion

I really liked reading the book, it has been exciting and well written. It was easy to turn the pages. Personally there has been a little bit too much of an insight of the murderer, it could have been shown in a few shorter paragraphs why the man turned out like he did. On the other side, maybe I wouldn’t have understood him that well?

Personally I’ve preferred the parts Will and the other agents were in since these parts interested me more and I could better identify. Plus this kind of work seems to be really interesting and to say so, exciting. Minus finding out who killed people.

Then there’s the point that was kind of disappointing for me: I knew the show and therefore knew the plot. The show is really close to the book and therefore I knew about 95% of the storyline. There have been made some changes in the show, I liked about 50% of the changes better (for example: I prefer the book ending).

Else, it has been an intelligent read I would recommend to people who like criminal stories, a bit of gore and most of all Stephen King without super-weird endings. It’s not to complicated to read (and with complicated I mean big medical words and whatsoever or complicated sentences).

The book got 5 out of 5 goodreads stars because I thought it would have been absolutely perfect if I hadn’t known the story from the TV show. So I subtracted that part from my mind and voilá – 5 stars!

xo Annina

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Review: I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

Hi guys,

part of my book reading challenge is the book I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. Just to say it now: the book hasn’t been written personally by her, a journalist helped her writing this book. When you read it you will realize that.

Also I picked this book because even before reading this book, Malala seems to be for her (now) 19 years like a really fascinating and strong woman. Personally I think this book is a very important read, especially in a time like this, in which no one seems to understand each other properly anymore. Other religions and cultures are weird? Why aren’t people just adapting SO easily? And most importantly: Refugees just can’t WAIT to leave their home.

I don’t know how influenced this book was on some political basis. All I know is that we have to understand that just because we are afraid of changes we shouldn’t simply assuming things from our own experience.

The thing I like to remind myself whenever I heard about the news that Refugees just need to get back to wherever they came from. That they should go where ever just not here: Remember World War 2. Remember all the Wars, all the huntings of different cultures and religions, of Christians, Jews and Muslims; Black, White, Indians, Chinese. People from Europe fled from World War 2 (just like my Great-Granddad fled from Austria to Germany to the USA) – what would have happened if the United States decided he wasn’t welcome?

This is getting too deep for a book review but I hope you know what I want to say here. I know that not everyone is a “real” refugee – but let’s just leave it there. Not to start with these “omg we let Terrorists in”. Yeah sure because Terrorists are just that stupid that they can’t move around anyway. Urgh people.


I am Malala

Book Information
Pages: 327
Published on: October 8th 2013
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company


This is the story of Malala Yousafzai, a girl from Pakistan who fights for rights to let every child have a school education. Her focus lies on girls since in her culture women should stay at home, raise children, do the household and be there for her husband. Men are the people that are allowed to go outside, work and be the most represented member of the family. Malala has the luck that her father supports the idea that women should be just as educated, well-spoken and shining as men. Malala is allowed to go to school and eagerly learns as she realized from her daily life how important it is to get an education. Simply by the start of not believing everything a person says and realizing from her own knowledge what is true and false. Because if you don’t know things, you can get brainwashed more easily and that’s how the government and the bad people, here the main theme are the Taliban, raised fear among the cities. They bombed schools, assassinated people who spoke against the Taliban and their believes, that women and girls aren’t supposed to be thinking and be educated. This seems to be just a western believe and western believes are BAD.

The story begins when Malala explains shortly what happened on the day she got shot in the head, then stops and explains her story from the point as she’s just a little girl, then moves on slowly until late 2013’s when she had to leave Pakistan to live in Exil in Birmingham, England, since it’s too dangerous for her to return home.


Personally, this book has been a mind-changer for me. It makes you realize a whole other point of view and how certain religions get interpreted by people so differently. Basically as the person wishes it to be. Malala and her family are very religious people, they know how the Islam works. So they realize how less other people seem to know and let the Taliban rule over them since they are telling a whole different story about the Koran.

Apparently the book deputed just on time, when everybody is on edge and everything is on a breaking point. That’s why it is even more important to read it right now. Yes, it has been a bit slow at some points, yet it was necessary to understand the culture better and the fear these people have to live in day for day. Not to forget the struggle to even be allowed to get educated. Unthinkable for me since school in Austria has never been a big deal, it is not even questioned if you should go to school or not, you simple have to. It’s been a law for quite some time and the pressure of getting good grades are high, for both boys and girls. Nobody would ask here why a girl is allowed to go to school, nobody would think of assassinating girls or teachers for education.

To form a proper opinion on this book I really recommend reading this book, especially if you have heard of Malala just a bit. Down below I left three videos, one video is of Malala’s speech in front of the UN, one about Malala’s Nobel Peace Prize Speech and the other one is about an interview Emma Watson has done with Malala.

I gave the book 4 out of 5 goodreads stars because as mentioned, it took me some while to read it since there have been some slow parts.


xo Annina

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Review: The Crane Wife by Patrick Ness


Hi guys,

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Patrick Ness’ books so eventually I had to buy one written by him. But not a book that I’ve heard good things of, no, a book that would fit the criteria for my Popsugar Reading Challenge and one with a insane pretty cover. I’ve got The Crane Wife ready for you!


Book Information
Pages: 320
Published In: 30th December 2014
Publisher: Penguin Books
Price: Paperback € 14

First of all, I love this edition of the book! There are a few other ones and I was really searching for this one. You can buy it at Bookdepository! The choice of color is so nice and the cover art is really well fitting to the book.

George Duncan, a 50-year old American living in the UK, wakes up one night by a strange sound. He finds a crane in the middle of his small garden, shot by an arrow in the wing. George doesn’t realize if it is a dream or not, yet saves the crane. On the next day a woman called Kikomu walks into his printshop where George works at and asks for a frame/recopy of her work, really beautifully cuttings no one can really give an adjective to. George is not only amazed by the woman, but the cuttings too. From this day on, the book not only follows the story of George and Kikumo as they start their million pounds worth art business but George’s daughter too as she has to raise as a 25 year old her son JP.

All the mentioned characters are loveable and well written. They seem to be not shallow at all and fit the magical writing of Patrick Ness.

My Opinion
I really was thinking about if I should write a review about it because I don’t have much to say about it. First of all: it has been a wonderful and easy read, that’s for sure. I just had the problem that it seems as if not much was happening in the book. Should I categorize it as a “it’s more of a feel than a driven story”? If I wanted to spoil, I could pretty much explain the plot point, but that would be no fun. You read and read and are suddenly finished with the story. There had been life struggles. There had been this miracle that kind of changed the life of people to the better.

The reader gets to read two point of views: The view of George Duncan and the view of Amanda Duncan. Personally I liked Amanda better because she was more edgy as a character than George who seemed more like to live on a cotton candy cloud. Plus Amanda had a humor I liked better.

So I guess that’s been it. I gave it 3 out of 5 goodreads stars because it has been good, but not really exciting for me.

Have a good week!

xo Annina

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My INSANE pile of UNREAD books!

SuB book banner

Hi guys,

since I’ve got that problem of not reading as many books as buying them I guess I want to share my pile of unread books I own! It’s not a pile of books I just want to read, but only books I already own and haven’t read. There are a few.

SuB Books2.png

You probably have read about most of them in one of my previous posts. And yet they are still there. Still they are not as many as my unread eBooks. Oh help.


SuB Books.png

Luckily most of my Popsugar Reading Challenge books are eBooks (since I have to ride the train, it’s more handy to read an eBook than an actual book plus I get used to reading more eBooks than normal books. Kinda weird but okay for me).

And as a bonus you get my Amazon wishlist

SuB Books3

The titles I’ve written in German are only available in that language. But yeah, I still want those books and since they are on my Amazon wishlist they’re as good as bought, that’s why they made it into this post.

What are your Unread Books ? Do you have any at all (if you don’t, then I salute to you)? If yes, how many? Do you just as much have a problem of not reading yet buying or is it just me?

I realized by going through all my books that I really want to read all of them ASAP! So I think going through your pile of unread books helps preventing buying new ones (and therefor growing this miserably huge pile) but also it’s a good way to find books you want to read next if you don’t already have a list to do so. I have like three or four of them.

Have a great day!

xo Annina

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Read in March 2016

Read in March_banner

Hi guys,

how fast did March pass?! Pretty fast if you ask me, since there have been the holidays and my free days from work since we moved to a new office.

I have a good excuse for my yet again lame reading list and this time it’s the fault of Kernstaub. It took me some while to finish it, but hey, I’m positiv that April will bring more than four books. At least I hope so.

Read Books in March


  1. Kernstaub: Über den Staub an Schmetterlingsflügeln by Marie Graßhoff.
    I really enjoyed this book and since it has been a German one, I only can offer the German book review so far. The cool thing is that there is going to be a sequel and at the moment a super secret Kernstaub project is going on. I wonder what it will bring. Also I’m extending my Giveaway since nobody so far has done all the steps to participate in it. It’s not that hard to win the eBook guys.Titelbild8
  2. Cinder by Marissa Meyer.
    For THAT one I can offer a full English Review. I SO loved this book and can’t wait to continue the series.
  3. Glitches by Marissa Meyer.
    This is a short novella, basically Cinder 0.5, available to read for free on Wattpad. It’s the story about how Cinder arrived at her new home and how her Step-Dad caught the Plague.
  4. The Crane Wife by Patrick Ness.
    This story has been my first Patrick Ness one. It’s about a 48 year old man called George Duncan how one night finds a with an arrow shot Crane in his garden. Later on, he meets the woman Kumiko at work and falls in love with her. This story is based on Japanese folklore, so I categorized it as “A book about a culture you’re unfamiliar with” for my Popsugar Reading Challenge. I basically read it within a day since the writing has been beautiful, the story although has been rather unspectacular.

Popsugar Reading Challenge: 19/40
PRC books read: 11/29

xo Annina

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