Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer

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I’ve been obsessed with a book and had to simply write a review about Cinder by Marissa Meyer. There’s been a huge hype about it a few years ago and I finally caught up on it after I had some thoughts about it. Because if something gets too hyped, I automatically hate it. Don’t ask me why, I simply do not know it myself. And since I put this book on my Popsugar Reading Challenge list, I kind of had to read it. It was worth it is all I can say now.

Cinder Marissa Meyer

Book information
Pages: 320
Series: Book 1 of The Lunar Chronicles
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Published in: January 3rd 2012

What is Cinder about?

Cinder rotates around a teenage girl mechanic cyborg called Cinder Linh, living in New Beijing, the future Asian area. The girl is an Orphan and growing up with her Stepmother Adri and her two Stepsisters Pearl and Peony. Their dad passed away on the Blue Fever, a plague that has spread around the world after the Lunar nation, resident on the Moon, came down to Earth. Garen, Cinder’s dead Stepdad, adopted Cinder after he has found her already parentless in Europe. All Cinder knows is that her parents died in a Hover crash while she lost one foot and hand, which got replaced by mechanic prosthetics. Cyborgs aren’t really welcomed but tolerated in the world’s society while Lunar people are feared since they are able to manipulate people.

To support the family, Cinder has to work at the market of New Beijing as a mechanic whereas she gets to know the Emperor’s son Kaito, short Kai, who arrived disguised at her booth to get a special Android repaired. He doesn’t want to tell why exactly he wouldn’t get it repaired by an royal Technician and it seems important to him, so Cinder got no other chance than do the work.

And from this point on, things get complicated. On the next booth, a baker catches the plague so the whole market gets shut down, the woman taken away into quarantine and Cinder has to sneak away to avoid testings. At home, Cinder finds her stepmother and her step siblings getting fitted into Ball gowns since the big Peace Ball is around the corner. Of course Cinder isn’t allowed to go and gets loaded with cores to not even get the chance.

To repair a metal belt cheaply, Cinder heads to the trash dump with her likable Stepsister Peony, who starts to show plague marks and gets taken away. After such an event, Adri sees no other chance than to hand Cinder over to the plague research team to find a cure for her daughter. Things get discovered and more complicated when the dangerous and cruel Lunar Queen shows up on earth and demands peace by marrying Prince Kai.

It seems as if Cinder is the only one to stop the war and saving the prince from the murderous hands of the Lunar Queen. Hope flourishes within Cinder as she gets to know that the allegedly Lunar Princess Selene might be alive and able to usurp the cruel Queen.


It’s a simple and nice cover, nothing too special for me. It hints the Cinderella backstory with a touch of Cyborg and that’s nice. Also it’s always a plus not to plaster a stock picture of a girl on the cover.


The writing style is really nice for me to read. Not to complicated, not too much described to get bored of it. Not too simple, just a nice read to follow the story.


I love Cinder! She’s not whining around and too teenager-y when it comes to Prince Kai. Best thing ever, I couldn’t even get annoyed by her and that’s a big plus with female characters. Cinder is just badass and doing her thing no matter what. Also she can’t cry because she got not tear glands and I really love that feature. It sounds cruel but if a character cries too much…no thank you.

Then there’s Prince Kai. Personally he sounded like a really nice and down to earth guy in the book, but there wasn’t too much of him to really judge that. But you got that he really is caring for his people and is willing to do what is needed to keep them safe. Good for you guy, you aren’t blind-folded by love. Gotta love you dude.

(Wow I sound especially cold today!)

Peony has been a nice character because she was nice to Cinder and not bitchy like her mother and sister (ugh these two can rot somewhere). Yeah, there’s already said too much about Adri and Pearl, so let’s move on.


I got to say, it is a low-key Cinderella story, but people obviously get this part of the story by the title Cinder and the shoe part alone. Let’s not fuss about that. Rather talk about how this is a really fresh story not only about earth, but moon people too! And that these Lunar people seem to be suppressed by one evil Queen. Got to say, Marissa Meyer gets some credit for making an evil but well written female character. She’s not shallow, but full of secrets (probably like her hair) who you are going to hate but in a good way!

Also, the future parts of the story are interesting, yet they have a plague which reminds the reader of the black plague. As in, new cool technology versus “you have a middle age problem here” subject. New versus old, you get the hang of it. It is a nice contrast and I love it. Same as I love the Cinderella story not being predictable and this is even better. I hate nothing more than old stories getting warmed up into a new Young Adult novel where you basically know the plot and learn nothing new or won’t get surprised by the twists because they actually happened in the original story.


I NEED TO READ SCARLET AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Loved the story, loved the characters and apparently we’ll get a new character with a view from another continent. YAY! Fresh views are awesome in an dystopian world, bring it on.

Cinder got 4/5 goodreads stars.




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