Review: After You by Jojo Moyes

Hi guys,

who knew that a second book of Me Before You was going to be published? It was a pretty solid standalone, no questions asked. But I was very excited to read that there was going to be a sequel. You cannot hate Jojo Moyes writing style and humor, so I was pretty confident that After You was going to be great. And it has been a great read.

So if you have not read Me Before You, turn around and come back after you have read it, because this post is going to contain spoilers from it. I warned you.

After You

Book Information
Published: September 23rd 2015
Pages: 410 (Paperback)
Publisher: Penguin

What is After You about?

The story starts after a few months of Will’s death. Louise Clarke now lives in an appartement in London which was paid of the money Will put back for her. Lou works at a Londoner airport bar and is pretty much unhappy with her life. After Will’s death, she has traveled Europe and lived a little, but now back in London, her depressing life style came back and her motivations lays buried next to Will, at least it feels like that. Her family tries to get her back up, but Lou feels like it is not the right time to move on and continue with her life.

Her appartement has a connected roof terrasse on which she decided to climb on one night after she had a glass of wine too much and needed some air. Accidently she slips on the roof after seeing some girl on there and falls two stories deep. Typical clumpsy Louise Clarke. A paramedic called Sam picked her up from the accident place and told her everything was going to be fine after Louise has asked if she was going to be disabled.

Her accident triggers the story which turns out to be an adventure. The girl on the roof called Lily appears on her doorsteps and turns out to be a person you would have never expected to be. Will’s parents have a comeback and it seems as if Lou is finally going to be happy.

Here we go!

16 year old Lily is by far the worst teenager ever. She smokes, stays away until late night, gets drunk and in very serious trouble. Lou finds out about it way too late until some major event, but tries to help her anyways. Typical Louise, you know.

Louise got thrown back in her character development and basically behaves like she did before Will. And that annoyed me a little bit to be honest. It feels a little bit as if Me Before You never existed. Lou has made major steps in that one and After You basically started from the beginning of Book One.

But you could see development in Will’s parents, obviously, but that was a good thing in some way. You could read that Me Before You actually has happened. You could read it in every character pretty strong except for Lou. Okay, she mentioned Will a lot and talked to him and her mind, but yeah.

On the other side, she lost a significant other. I considered that. Will has taken a huge part of her life, a new fun life, with him and that is a hard thing to recover from. Especially if you have a mindset like her. Every action feels different to archive to every single human. Some people manage to get out easily and do something against situations they don’t like. For other people it is harder and for Lou it was an especially hard blow to recover from, since things are harder to archive for her.

I hope you understand what I want to say here.

Still, it was a bit disappointing yet shocking (now that I write about it and thinking about it all over again) how far she got blown down. I wanted to shake her and yell at her (like Lou’s sister) that she has to do something or she stays stuck forever. I wanted a happy ending for her because I like Lou, she’s a good human who deserves some happiness. The situation with Lily made it more than clear all over again.

And has she gotten her Happy Ending? Well you need to read the book if you haven’t yet already.


The writing style and humor has been great again. The characters were familiar and didn’t seem off (we already talked about Lou), so yeah, it has been a great book I could not have read faster than I did already.

Last but not least…

Since the Me Before You movie is coming out in June in Austria, have the trailer!




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