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Review: After You by Jojo Moyes

Hi guys,

who knew that a second book of Me Before You was going to be published? It was a pretty solid standalone, no questions asked. But I was very excited to read that there was going to be a sequel. You cannot hate Jojo Moyes writing style and humor, so I was pretty confident that After You was going to be great. And it has been a great read.

So if you have not read Me Before You, turn around and come back after you have read it, because this post is going to contain spoilers from it. I warned you.

After You

Book Information
Published: September 23rd 2015
Pages: 410 (Paperback)
Publisher: Penguin

What is After You about?

The story starts after a few months of Will’s death. Louise Clarke now lives in an appartement in London which was paid of the money Will put back for her. Lou works at a Londoner airport bar and is pretty much unhappy with her life. After Will’s death, she has traveled Europe and lived a little, but now back in London, her depressing life style came back and her motivations lays buried next to Will, at least it feels like that. Her family tries to get her back up, but Lou feels like it is not the right time to move on and continue with her life.

Her appartement has a connected roof terrasse on which she decided to climb on one night after she had a glass of wine too much and needed some air. Accidently she slips on the roof after seeing some girl on there and falls two stories deep. Typical clumpsy Louise Clarke. A paramedic called Sam picked her up from the accident place and told her everything was going to be fine after Louise has asked if she was going to be disabled.

Her accident triggers the story which turns out to be an adventure. The girl on the roof called Lily appears on her doorsteps and turns out to be a person you would have never expected to be. Will’s parents have a comeback and it seems as if Lou is finally going to be happy.

Here we go!

16 year old Lily is by far the worst teenager ever. She smokes, stays away until late night, gets drunk and in very serious trouble. Lou finds out about it way too late until some major event, but tries to help her anyways. Typical Louise, you know.

Louise got thrown back in her character development and basically behaves like she did before Will. And that annoyed me a little bit to be honest. It feels a little bit as if Me Before You never existed. Lou has made major steps in that one and After You basically started from the beginning of Book One.

But you could see development in Will’s parents, obviously, but that was a good thing in some way. You could read that Me Before You actually has happened. You could read it in every character pretty strong except for Lou. Okay, she mentioned Will a lot and talked to him and her mind, but yeah.

On the other side, she lost a significant other. I considered that. Will has taken a huge part of her life, a new fun life, with him and that is a hard thing to recover from. Especially if you have a mindset like her. Every action feels different to archive to every single human. Some people manage to get out easily and do something against situations they don’t like. For other people it is harder and for Lou it was an especially hard blow to recover from, since things are harder to archive for her.

I hope you understand what I want to say here.

Still, it was a bit disappointing yet shocking (now that I write about it and thinking about it all over again) how far she got blown down. I wanted to shake her and yell at her (like Lou’s sister) that she has to do something or she stays stuck forever. I wanted a happy ending for her because I like Lou, she’s a good human who deserves some happiness. The situation with Lily made it more than clear all over again.

And has she gotten her Happy Ending? Well you need to read the book if you haven’t yet already.


The writing style and humor has been great again. The characters were familiar and didn’t seem off (we already talked about Lou), so yeah, it has been a great book I could not have read faster than I did already.

Last but not least…

Since the Me Before You movie is coming out in June in Austria, have the trailer!



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Review: Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer

Hi guys,

at the beginning of writing this blog I did a Book News post about Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer by Rick Riordian. I was pretty excited for it since it included a relative of Annabeth Chase and Annabeth Chase means at least some mentions of Percy Jackson, right? And the Norse mythology must be good as gold.

Well, let me tell you the story about how Rick Riordan should move on from his Percy Jackson–mythology–gods world and keep on writing completely new stuff. Because this gets annoying Rick. And I don’t care if I’m going to bash this book series right now because the Mister has blocked me now for 5 years on Twitter. Yo.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-13 um 11.04.47
(English: You’re not able to follow @camphalfblood and read the tweets of @camphalfblood because you got blocked)

What’s the story of Magnus Chase about?

Magnus Chase, a 16 year old kid who has lost his mother in a fire two years ago, now lives on the streets of Boston. He’s afraid of wolves because they kind of were included in the fire, but that can’t be right – wolves? In the middle of Boston? During his homeless time he has not only learned some valuable street-smart tricks but also got friendly with the blind homeless man Hearthstone and the equally homeless man Blitzen. They look after Magnus and basically keep him alive.

One day Magnus finds out that his uncle and his cousin, Fredrick and Annabeth Chase, are looking for him. Magnus, not really happy about this since family means trouble and he already has enough of that, sneaks into his other uncle’s, Randolph’s, house and gets surprised by mentioned. Randolph tries to explain to him something, but time runs out and both move on to one Boston bridge whereas Magnus resurrects the Sword of Summer. The fire god Surt appears and kills Magnus. Magnus lands in Valhalla.

Great! You think. The main character is already killed, what a way to start the book. But wait, there is more. Because this Valhalla turns out to be some kind of Camp Half-Blood in which dead people train to kill and fight in Ragnarok, doomsday.

And so on…

Not to go deeper into the story, but if you have read Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief you get the outlines of The Sword of Summer. Something is stolen, must be returned. A great enemy. A journey in which the hero learns how to control his powers and make some great friendships on the way. Being clumsy.

Character time!

Magnus Chase: it is mentioned a few times that Magnus kind of looks like Kurt Cobain. We will take it, because on the book cover he really looks like him. Magnus has a big mouth and saves the day no matter how less of a clue he has. He has friends who would die for him since Magnus is involved in this huge prophecy and is very important to the nine worlds of Norse mythology. Sounds familiar? Also, Magnus is the son of Frey, the god of peace fertility, wealth, rain, summer and sunshine, so he can heal pretty fast. That’s a useful power for once.

Samirah al-Abbas: is a Valkyrie who is responsible for bringing Magnus to Valhalla after he died a heroic dead (or such). She travels the worlds with him to defeat the greater enemy. She is just as tough as Magnus and the daughter of Loki.

Blitzen: a dwarf who loves fashion over everything but gets laughed at by his dwarf colleagues for that. Dwarves don’t sew fashion, they craft. He has gone undercover homeless for Magnus to keep him alive.

Hearthstone: the homeless deaf elf who wants nothing more than to learn rune magic. He got neglected for his deafness by his family. Hearthstone also has gone undercover to protect Magnus and follow his adventures.

Surt: he is the lord of the fire giants who wants The Sword of Summer to rule over the nine worlds and destroy everything. Also, he wants to free the greater enemy, because that would be really bad for everyone.

Loki: the god of mischief and wildfire. I almost forgot this dude. He’s just as wicked as Marvel movie Loki and talks to Magnus whenever mentioned has fainted. Which happens a few times. Loki has not really taken sides, rather is on the winner’s side and is definitely an enemy of Magnus.


For me, my personal highlight was the time Annabeth was around. Whenever Magnus lowkey told her, that she would never ever understand his world, you could practically read Annabeth’s “are you really serious dude” phrase. The story is set after Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus, so Annabeth has gone through hell by now and Magnus lowkey disses her. I’m wondering that she hasn’t interrupted him earlier in the book than to a certain part, but oh well. Annabeth got some manners.

It took me a while to finish this book because it was so boring to read. The writing style was funny, but the story old in just a brand new wrapping. Also it made me question the other Percy Jackson-world book Rick wants to publish this year, The Trails of Apollo, in which the greek god Apollo gets transformed into the body of a 16 year old boy and oh my gods, this sound so much like Magnus Chase in the greek world. Okay, it will include Percy Jackson, at least Rick said so, but who much will the greek world character be included? I’m kind of afraid to read this book just to come to the conclusion that it will be an old story in a new wrapping. Oh well, we will see.

Oh and what I forgot to mention: there were Pop culture references in it such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. I don’t know how old Rick thinks is audience is but well…mentioning those shows in a book whereas the publishers say that it’s best for an audience from 10 to 14 years – not okay!

3 out of 5 goodreads stars because Rick has tried.


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Review: Dreams of Gods and Monsters

Hi guys,

today it’s review time of Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor. This is the third and last book of the Daughter of Smoke and Bones Trilogy, so if you haven’t read the series yet, don’t read the review because it will spoiler plot points.

Dreams of Gods and Monsters

Book information
Pages: 613
Published: April 8th 2014
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company

Story (by goodreads)
By way of a staggering deception, Karou has taken control of the chimaera rebellion and is intent on steering its course away from dead-end vengeance. The future rests on her, if there can even be a future for the chimaera in war-ravaged Eretz.

Common enemy, common cause.

When Jael’s brutal seraph army trespasses into the human world, the unthinkable becomes essential, and Karou and Akiva must ally their enemy armies against the threat. It is a twisted version of their long-ago dream, and they begin to hope that it might forge a way forward for their people. And, perhaps, for themselves. Toward a new way of living, and maybe even love.

But there are bigger threats than Jael in the offing. A vicious queen is hunting Akiva, and, in the skies of Eretz … something is happening. Massive stains are spreading like bruises from horizon to horizon; the great winged stormhunters are gathering as if summoned, ceaselessly circling, and a deep sense of wrong pervades the world.

What power can bruise the sky?

From the streets of Rome to the caves of the Kirin and beyond, humans, chimaera and seraphim will fight, strive, love, and die in an epic theater that transcends good and evil, right and wrong, friend and enemy. At the very barriers of space and time, what do gods and monsters dream of? And does anything else matter?

I took the description from goodreads because all in all Dreams of Gods and Monsters is a very complex book with loads of information. Better taking this summary than making up my own and writing something far too long.

I can’t say that this book was a disappointment. It was great, it has a nice ending that feels like an ending, the characters were lovely, funny (at least the good guys) while the bad guys were cruel and had a point on why to destroy humanity and everything that’s beneath them. I kind of wished a less open ending for two characters (Karou’s evil false aunt Esther and the fallen angel Razguel) but on the other hand they deserved each other. Might be a good enough ending if you think about it.

A thing I never sympathized with is the Karou and Akiva relationship. I don’t know why but I never took them serious together. Okay, they have a really interesting history together and such, but it still felt odd to me. My favorite couple in this book was by far Karou’s best friends, Zuzana and Mik. Maybe I could identify with them more and that’s the reason why I could feel their relationship better? Who knows. They were funny and lightened the mood even in the darkest hour.

So if you have never heard of Daughter of Smoke and Bone, you really missed something if Urban Fantasy mixed with angels, demons and monsters is your thing. It’s a complex and original novel, so have fun. It’s worth it.

Have a nice day!

xo blattzirkus


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Read in January 2016

Hi guys,

wow – the first month of 2016 is already over and a lot has happened in this departement. Not. Kinda. Got a job, had my birthday, cut my hair, caught up with The Walking Dead Comic Book series and so on.

So by now you might have read my book haul of January, if not: here it is. Since it’s February already, I have read some of these books. But later on that in one or two reviews or my monthly Read list.

So here’s my list of books I have read in January 2016!

read in january

  1. The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire by Dan Howell and Phil Lester
  2. Wonder by R.J. Palacio
  3. The Walking Dead Vol. 20 : All Out War Part 1 by Robert Kirkman
  4. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
  5. The Walking Dead Vol. 21: All Out War Part 2 by Robert Kirkman
  6. The Walking Dead Vol. 22: Whispers Into Screams by Robert Kirkman
  7. The Walking Dead Vol. 23: A New Beginning by Robert Kirkman
  8. The Walking Dead Vol. 24: Life And Death by Robert Kirkman
  9. The Walking Dead Vol. 25: No Turning Back by Robert Kirkman
  10. Faithful and Virtuous Night by Louise Glück
  11. Selp-Helf by Miranda Sings
  12. Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan


What I liked to read this month:

I’ve really loved reading The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire by Dan and Phil. If you are only somewhat of a fan of their videos, I’d really recommend reading it. It’s funny and nicely done. You won’t regret buying it.

Also Wonder has been a pleasure to read. Very concerning and very easy to read, since the writing style has been marvelous. It’s also for a younger audience, so that’s why it has been so easy to read.

Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde was on my reading list since I came back from my Scotland trip. Although the book isn’t set in this country, I felt like I could relive the time period simply by thinking of Edinburgh itself. It’s been a nice read, the English was a teeny tiny bit difficult for me but it was alright. I loved to get to know the original story!

To read The Walking Dead comics was good so far. So I got the feeling how the show might continue and to be honest, it just kind of gets downhill for me. Okay, they try to settle down in a very unsafe environment. I’d probably do that too. But for me it’s enraging that they are not even trying to find a cure. I WANT THAT THEY FINALLY ARE LOOKING FOR A CURE SINCE 2 0 1 1. I really want that to happen. I do not want to watch some people struggling with settling down. That might be okay for the comics, but not for the TV Show.

What I thought was okay to read this month:

Faithful and Virtuous Night has been something, either I don’t get poetry very well and understand the style of how it’s written, or it is just how it is: short stories wrapped around a theme.

What I didn’t like to read this month:

Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer was something I hoped was better than expected – but was not. Basically this book tried to be Percy Jackson and the Olympians 2.0 with Percy Jackson references in it. If you read between the lines, it really isn’t a new story except for different gods. Really. By now I don’t even care that the author has blocked me on Twitter since 2010 if his imagination doesn’t reach beyond Percy Jackson. Also, if you try to be a book for middle schooler, why put in freaking THE WALKING DEAD and GAME OF THRONES references?! Not cool.

Last but not least, Selp-Helf by Miranda Sings was more trash than I could take. Here’s my full review on that one.


Popsugar Reading Challenge: 11/40
PRC books read: 6/29

Let’s see what February will bring!


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Book Haul in January 2016

Hi guys,

this month has been a pretty expensive one, since I bought a lot of stuff. Let me work for money and I’m pretty fast in spending it. Thank god I had my birthday at the beginning of January so it doesn’t seem like I only bought books. Here’s a list of books I got and which I’m most excited to read!


  1. A Brief History of Time – Stephen Hawking
  2. The Stranger – Harlan Coben
  3. Touch of Frost – Jennifer Estep
  4. The World of Song of Ice and Fire – George R.R. Martin

I’m probably the most excited to read A Short History of Time since it’s the longest on my To-Be-Read list book. I got curious about it when I watched the movie The Theory of Everything and I completely fell in love with this movie. So I thought, why not reading a physics book, you can still learn.



  1. The Crane Wife – Patrick Ness
  2. Red Dragon – Thomas Harris
  3. Faithful and Virtuous Night – Louise Glück
  4. After You – Jojo Moyes
  5. [GERMAN] Ein Leben aus Glas: Royal #1 – Valentina Fast
  6. I am Malala – Malala Yousafzai
  7. [GERMAN] Erebos – Ursula Poznaski
  8. Anna Karenina – Leo Tolstoy
  9. [GERMAN] Märchenhaft erlöst – Maya Shepherd
  10. The Geography of You and Me – Jennifer E. Smith
  11. Girl Online on Tour – Zoe Sugg
  12. The Iron Trial – Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
  13. The 5th Wave – Rick Yancey
  14. Cinder – Marissa Meyer
  15. Selp-Helf – Miranda Sings

Lots of books for the 2016 challenge. I got all of them except for The Crane Wife, Red Dragon and Faithful and Virtuous Night as eBooks, so I got away cheap.

The most excited I am about Red Dragon, After You (currently reading it and I love it), I am Malala, Erebos and Anna Karenina. Red Dragon because I got obsessed with the TV show Hannibal (Will Graham is simply the best), After You because I loved the first book and it’s characters, I am Malala because duh, that girl is strong. Erebos because I’ve read about it years ago in my school paper since the author has graduated from my school, and Anna Karenina because it’s a classic I got for 99cents. I’m also very curious about Anna Karenina so let’s see how this is going to work out.

So here’s the books I have gotten this month. I’m thinking of doing this kind of post every month (if I’m getting books within a month of course) – so stay tuned for February.

Oh and my list of books I have read in January will be up on Friday.