10 Types of Book People

Hi guys,

since I am a member of various book groups on Facebook, I got to notice something eventually: there are a lot of different book people out there! No, I haven’t just realised it, but it was a thought that made me wonder how many types are out and about.

So I created this list of different book types I came up with. If there’s something missing, you can tell me and it is going to be some kind of group activity to complement it. Let’s fetz!

  1. Keeps all the books
    What is space even? Do you really need a desk or a bed if it comes to reading and collecting books? I’m sure you don’t…


  2. Owns only eBooks
    Why waste paper when you can have an eReader full with eBooks on, right? Plus they’re cheaper, so yay for me!


  3. Only borrows Books
    If you think Books are an unnecessary space waster, why owning them when you can borrow them? You don’t only have more space and more money for more important things, you can also simply give the book back if you haven’t liked its story. Convenient!


  4. Hates eBooks
    Ugh, electronic books! Where is my wonderful smell of paper and ink? Also, I want to see my collection of books, so eBooks are a big no no! Who has even thought of electronic books, is everything going to be digital in the future?


  5. Sells Books after reading them
    Ha, more space for more books if I sell the old ones! I might not get loads of money back, but still. More money equals more books. More books, more happiness. Easy!


  6. Doesn’t care how the Book is going to look after it’s read
    People who look after their books, don’t breaking the back or not adding dog ears are weird. I like having a book where you can see that it has been read! Used books already tell a story on their own and that’s cool.


  7. Takes Books everywhere (count eReader in)
    Long train ride on my own? No internet connection because the location sucks? A book, either an eBook or a regular book will help you to fight the boredom wherever you are.


  8. Does only read one genre
    It is not like I have not read other genres, but all the other ones suck, so I stick to my favorite one. It never disappoints and it is fun, so why change it?


  9. Does only read Graphic Novels
    Why reading books without pictures in it when you are able to read awesome stories with amazing art in it? For me it is a win-win situation!


  10. Doesn’t read at all
    Books suck and hurt my eyes, I stay with movies and TV shows.


What do you think of this list? Did I miss something? Please note to not take this too seriously. And most important: which type of book person are you?

xo blattzirkus


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14 thoughts on “10 Types of Book People

    1. As long as the story is good, the way you’re reading it on doesn’t matter – and that’s why paper or electronic book discussions shouldn’t be out there 😀 So thank you for saying it that you don’t exactly ‘hate’ reading an eBook. Okay I’m rambling but I hope I could give you my point of view 🙂
      xo Annina

      Liked by 1 person

      1. haha, don’t worry. I ramble too. 🙂 But i think it does affect my reading; I don’t pick the book up as much if it’s in e-book format. So I’m all for physical books. But I feel like if it’s good writng then it doesn’t affect the story, you know?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. True! I discovered a similar behaviour tho, I won’t pick up the book as much as well if it’s an eBook, although I really like reading on an eReader. And yes, totally true! If the story is well written, everything is fine 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I really loved writing this post, so I’m more than happy that people like it. I’m as well “keep all the books” although I want to sell some atm because NO space left. Books are literally piling up on my desk and floor, so the next logical step are eBooks. Which I also collect. I have a book problem.
      xo Annina


    2. I am just like you. I like seeing all my books in my shelfs, but also enjoy my ebook. And unfortunately I cannot get rid of them. They are my babies and it is really, really hard giving away books, only if they were horrible or I never finished them, in which case they probably were horrible.


      1. It’s not like I couldn’t get rid of them…it’s more like that I’m too lazy to bring them to the post office because it’s actually pretty easy to sell them online 🙂 But well…that’s another project to take care of! Thank you for your comment!! 🙂
        xo Annina


  1. hahaaa this is wonderful! I’m a number 5! If I don’t like a book, and I’ve read it so I know for sure, I will sell that thing so fast your head would spin. Only the best belongs on my shelves! THAT BEING SAID- I’m a total aesthetics snob. I need HARDBACKS!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you’re the first person I know that only wants hardback books haha! Which is a cool thing and unusual for me. I love hardcover books though, but they’re too expensive for my book lifestyle 🙂 Thank you for your comment!
      xo Annina


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