Review: Selp-Helf by Miranda Sings

Hi guys,

just to mention this at the beginning of the post, but I’m going to rant a lot over this book. Yes, I’m aware that this is a book for fans, but at least have some standards, okay? Okay. Let’s fetz!

miranda sings

Who is Miranda Sings?
Miranda Sings is an internet character, created in 2008 by american actress, comedian and Youtube personality Colleen Ballinger Evans. She’s basically uploading videos singing or dancing badly, doing tutorials or giving advice. Maybe not the best one, but hey, that’s who Miranda is, a very self-centered person who just wants to make the world better-ish.

Personally I think she can be very funny and if it gets annoying – well you are at Youtube, you can close the video and continue with your life. There is so much truth hidden in her videos behind her over-acted play and it’s fantastic.


selp helf cover


What’s Selp-Helf about.
Let’s explain it with Miranda’s words:

in this book I will supply you with the best advice in the world on becoming a better person. By the end of this book your love life, career, self esteem, finances, health, etc will all be perfect. Your welcome.

Spelling mistakes are from the book, not from me.

First impression.
Okay cool, another book where you can cut out and write things in. This seems to be a thing with Youtubers, Alfie Deyes has done this too. This is not bad, I have ordered Selp-Helf as an eBook but whatever. I’m gonna cut out the frick of my iPad now!

Eh, yeah. Who thought of selling this as an eBook? Anyways, there’s a reason besides not wanting to cut up a book why I thought it was a great choice to buy it digitally.

It doesn’t waste space or paper.

Here are some examples on how the whole book is looking.

miranda pics

First I thought, this was just a thing of a few pages, handwritten text. Because a whole book of handwritten notes is pretty exhausting to read, isn’t it? Well, apparently nobody thought of that. They could have discussed it as “well the book isn’t that long and the text not THAT long, just do it this way!” so it kind of makes sense. But I didn’t like it, simply because a) it’s exhausting and b) it’s not pretty to look at. It doesn’t look like is has some kind of value and that’s what makes me hate this book.

Ranting time.
“But that’s Miranda, it’s her style!!!” I might here some people say. Don’t think I thought of that. But as a designer I say, it can be Miranda’s style and still not look like a piece of trash I’m mad at. Would you like to keep this book? Or would you one day decide to sell it off? Is it really worth your money or just some huge senseless money making machine? At one point of reading this book I was entertained, no questions ask, but I think Miranda’s caliber are videos, not books.

“But other Youtubers do that too!” Well, in my opinion they do it better.

Peace out and have a nice day!

miranda haters

xo blattzirkus



5 thoughts on “Review: Selp-Helf by Miranda Sings

  1. Well, that’s the problem: the book is not meant to be digital. I have a hard copy, and the experience is SO much better and immersing. It feels – actually, it is – like Miranda wrote this herself and gave it to me. Turning each page is a big surprise, you never know what you’ll find, but digitally, you’re just scrolling through pictures and it’s a lot less entertaining. The only problem I have with it is that it’s way too short! I can read it in half an hour. But it’s still such a treasure.

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    1. I bet it’s better than digitally, on the other hand I didn’t want to spend 20€. And as you say, it’s way too short – so for some people who really like Miranda it’s a treasure, for others it might not. I’m glad you liked it and haven’t had the same experience as I did 🙂

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