Read in November 2015

Hi guys,

I feared this month a lot. Or better said: I feared my reading outcome of this month, simply because I just have two books to show you today.

Two. books.

I’m serious when I say that the last time I read that little was last November 2014, in which I read exactly zero books. So today I’m not on my worst, but definitely not on my best behavior either. To make this case even worse, I haven’t even read books I really liked much. Also, as I’m writing this entry on December 2nd, I have read 5 books already. Or more like The Walking Dead Graphic Novels. About that I’m going to write in the new year.

So, what have been my two books this month? The Slammed series by Colleen Hoover! I heard about the author plenty good news and I wished I could say the same about this series. But I can’t.


First here’s what’s the plot about Slammed:

Layken has to move with her mother and her brother from Texas to Michigan. Her father had died recently, so her mother couldn’t afford the house anymore. On the first day of moving into their new home, a friday, Layken’s brother befriends a boy his age, who has an older brother, basically everything he has left since their parents died two years ago. Layken immediately falls in love with Will but gets a drastic wake-up call on monday, her first day in school, when Layken finds out that Will is her poetry teacher. Will doesn’t want to risk his position as a teacher since it’s the only job he can do next to his university classes to pay the bills. Their relationship hits an on and off point until Layken realizes that her move from Texas might had another reason than not being able to pay the rent.

Sounds quite good, quite romantic and quite dramatic, right? Well it was quite romantic and dramatic, but not in the way I liked it. Because if there’s something that I hate it is being cheesy to a level where you just want to throw your book away (yes I tend to say this a lot) because you can’t stand it anymore.

If you turn into a stupid goat because you can’t live with your crush – then I think you got a problem. To a point of being so dramatic that it’s a wonder you’re not a drama student, breaking the rules, not caring about your surroundings. Simply not caring what might be up with other people other than those in your close surroundings – that’s a big no no for me. At least when it comes to storytelling, because it gets boring if the writer only has two point of view characters and these characters have nothing to think about than each other and their well-beings.

Layken was either constantly so in love with Will or constantly angry with him. Will was either totally dramatic or totally just thinking about Layken. Sometimes they thought about their brothers and their best friends, but mostly about themselves. It got boring. SO BORING. And it was so cheesy…ugh. It was always the same drama.

Point of Retreat is the sequel of Slammed and picks up the plot of Slammed a year after the first book ended. This time it’s written not from Layken’s, but from Will’s point of view. Not to say too much about the plot, but there’s going to be lots of drama and lots of questions to yourself of why you thought it was a good idea to read this book. The writing style was good tho. I’m not going to complain about that.

So, that said…have a good December read, because I already have a better one than this month.

xo blattzirkus

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