The Sound of Music, or: “Really?!”

Hi guys,

since it is time for a new blog post and I’m currently on a pretty long reading slump period – oh no – I thought about writing about a movie I have seen last weekend: The Sound of Music.


Hard facts:
Title: The Sound of Music
Year: 1965
Duration: 175 minutes
Main Cast: Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Eleanor Parker, Richard Haydn;

Now it depends on where you’re from to know this movie (and by know I mean have actually seen it) – but I’m from Austria and apparently everyone except Austrians have seen The Sound of Music. It is one of the biggest stereotypes ever to either have seen it or still being regarded as a person who lives a Sound of Music life.

One example from this summer: My friends from the brunettes blog and another friend have been on a Scotland roadtrip. After we’ve been done with Scotland (oh so beautiful Scotland) we traveled to London to spent the last three days there. Because my friends haven’t been to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, we went there. At the cashier desk the cashier asked us where we’re from (hello accent) and we naturally said “Austria”. Then she’d ask us: “Have you seen The Sound of Music?” and if you’re a good Austrian you answer with “No”. Then the cashier would answer with “You have to see it, it’s really good!” and wished us a good day. Is it a goal to find an Austrian who has seen The Sound of Music?

So, a few months later, I saw it. It was broadcasted on an Austrian television channel as a special because the new movie “The von Trapp family – a Life of Music” has just hit cinemas. The new movie is supposed to be about the real Trapp family, the family that is based on The Sound of Music. It is an US-american production, probably because it’s a such famous movie there. I’m not going to watch it.

Reasons why I won’t watch The Sound of Music again or The von Trapp family movie:

  1. Because it’s going to be pretty similar to The Sound of Music.
  2. For me, The Sound of Music was too dragged on.

Not many reasons, because personally there aren’t more. Usually I’m not a fan of old movies, yet this one was really well done. I’m impressed on how a foreign studio was able to capture the Austrian culture so nicely. This includes surroundings, clothes, characters and so on.

BUT I don’t understand why this is SOOOO famous? I really don’t get it. It’s nice, but that’s it. Maybe I’m used to productions like this so I’m not impressed. Yes, this movie is cheesy and yes, songs will be sung, but that’s a thing you get warned of before you actually see it. And the worst of it, it gets described as:

A woman leaves an Austrian convent to become a governess to the children of a Naval officer widower.


Okay, to be honest I thought it gets described as a movie in which the Trapp family has to flee the country. Because I was so mad about that this wasn’t happening until the last ten minutes. Everything makes sense now.

Second, has anyone realized on how similar this movie is to Mary Poppins, a movie that came out a year before The Sound of Music, in which Julie Andrews was playing the main part? Rude children, strict father, a new governess, plus loads of music? Okay, I might be too sensitive to stuff like this, but really?


If you’re reading this and are not from either Austria, Germany or Switzerland, please be free and tell my why this is such a famous movie in your country. Or do you know a person who absolutely loves The Sound of Music? Because now I’m curious.

Last but not least, have some trailers for The Sound of Music, The von Trapp family and a video of Lady Gaga singing a Sound of Music tribute at the Oscars 2015.


xo blattzirkus


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