Unearthly – Cynthia Hand

unearthly cynthia hand

Book information
Published: January 4th 2011
Publisher: HarperTeen

The blurb
Clara is different from the other girls of her High School: her mother is one of the Nephilim. In Clara’s veins runs angel blood. Blessed with supernatural gifts, she wants to become a guardian angel. Assumed that she’s going to pass the test. But this turns out to be more difficult: Clara has to decide between heaven and hell, between Christian and Tucker.

The beginning
To be honest it wasn’t the blurb that made me want to read this book. It seemed too 0815 and far too cheesy. But after all, it wasn’t so. More about this later on.
The book starts with the main protagonist, Clara, who gets a vision of her biggest task ever, which she has to solve. It’s not clear when she has to face her task – it can even take years until this certain task shows and wants to be solved. All this wouldn’t be so bad if Clara wasn’t forced to move from sunny California to storybook hicksville in the middle of the USA. But no, it gets better because at her new school Clara sees the boy from her vision, Christian Prescott, and slowly starts to fall in love with him. From this time on, I was Team Christian and would so ever love to throw the book against a wall when stupid Tucker appeared. He wasn’t stupid in general, I just was on Team Christian and everything else was unacceptable. Yeah. Let’s move on! So Clara was slowly falling in love, but hey, if there wasn’t Tucker Avery, it would have been far too easy to be in Team Christian, right? Tucker is the brother of Clara’s new best friend Wendy and at the beginning the worst nag ever. You can see a love triangle coming right? Because there is and it is hitting hard.

The Danger
But a love triangle wasn’t ever a real danger (except for the reader’s hearts), so it’s only logical to introduce us to a fallen angel in this story. Speaking of a really annoying one, Samjeeza, who’s chasing Claras mom. Fallen Angels love to kill pure angels. Thanks to Clara, who is pretty sensible when it comes to them, early realized when one is close to her. If this happens, she suddenly feels incredibly sad which isn’t easy to shake off and establishes like plumb in her legs. And thanks to that incredibly helpful gift, she’s not able to move and practically is caught on the spot.

My Opinion
I don’t know why, but it’s probably the love triangle that kept me reading. Yes, you’r reading this right. Because the plot itself wouldn’t have been able to carry itself on its own. Let’s see:
Girl has to move from her cool and hip town to a sleepy “where the eff is this on the world map???” tiny town, falls in love with the most popular guy in the school, falls in love with the not so hip guy as well – for good measures aka drama – and surprise, both guys like her back. An incredible danger is appearing, it gets fought and every thing that you can think will happen, happens.

BUT WHY was I so hooked on this book (and the other two books)? Why the heck did I buy book 2 the day after I’ve finished reading this?

I’d say it also depends on the reader. You can either love or hate this book. If you are REALLY allergic to love triangles, don’t even dare to look at this book. If you don’t like supernatural characters – or angles, to be specific – don’t touch it. I for my part liked reading Unearthly for it’s characters. I wanted to know what was happening to Clara, Christian and Tucker in book 2, as well as with Clara’s brother, mother and all the other characters as well. The writing was pleasant, also a point why I practically flew through this book, but the most important part is that it was FUNNY. I had to laugh loads and that’s a nice thing to happen in books. It excitement, humor and romantic go hand in hand, it won’t be a boring book (except if your characters are stupid as hell and the writing is comparable with written fanfiction by a 12 year old).

My Conclusion
Unearthly might not have the most original plot, but it wins with its characters, humor and a nice writing style.

4 out of 5 goodreads stars.

xo blattzirkus

P.S: How did you like the division of this review? Should I keep up with this or should I go back to my old style?


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