Read in OCTOBER 2015

Hey guys,

it’s been a month (oh wonder) since the last blog post about my read books in the last month. And as we gonna see I was pretty slow this month.

october read

  1. “Gentlemen’s Alliance”Illustrations – Ariana Tanemura
  2. Kaitou Kamikaze Jeanne #3 – Arina Tanemura
  3. Kaitou Kamikaze Jeanne #4 – Arina Tanemura
  4. Kaitou Kamikaze Jeanne #5 – Arina Tanemura
  5. Kaitou Kamikaze Jeanne #6 – Arina Tanemura
  6. Kaitou Kamikaze Jeanne #7 – Arina Tanemura
  7. Hyperbole and a Half – Allie Brosh
  8. Better Life: Ausgelöscht – Lilith Korn (German)
  9. Silber: das dritte Buch der Träume – Kerstin Gier (German)
  10. Awaken – Katie Kacvinsky
  11. Die Ordensburg – Bernhard Hennen (German)
  12. MondSilberLicht – Marah Woolf (German)
  13. Truly Madly Famously – Rebecca Serle

Truth to be told, I was pretty much binge-reading Kaitou Kamikaze Jeanne after I’ve attended Vienna Comix (3rd to 4th of October), a small comic con convention which is really focusing on comics, mangas and the world within. There I’ve bought an art book by Arina Tanemura, which is focused on another manga series by her, Gentlemen’s Alliance. It counted as a book on goodreads, so I make it count as well (also I’ve bought a Daenerys Targaryen Funko Pop Figure lalala…).

Books I loved to read this month:

By far it were Hyperbole and a Half, Silber: das dritte Buch der Träume and Truly Madly Famously. The other books (except the mangas) were the reason I was so slow this month. I’m that kind of person who has to finish a book, no matter how horrible or boring it is.

Hyperbole and a Half is a book from a former blogger who tells stories about her life in a really fun way, supported by simple meme-ish drawings. You gotta take at least a look at it because you can’t really tell a summary of it to grasp the fun of it. It pretty much helped me out of my reading slump, which was heavy after September.

Silber: das dritte Buch der Träume was easy to read because Kerstin Gier is an awesome writer with a nice sense of humor. It might not have been her best young adult book series (the best one is the ruby red trilogy) but it has great ideas where you simply wish to have them. The first book of this series is called Dream a little dream in English. The series is about a girl who discovers that she can dream walk in her dreams and realizes that there lies a world behind her dreams. Many ‘dreams’ in a sentence, but that’s how it is. Not only that Liv’s dreams get pretty weird but suddenly boys in her dreams, who go to her new school in London, seem to know things about her real life. Maybe these dreams aren’t dreamt? Suddenly Liv finds herself in a dangerous adventure where the real world and the dream world are dependent on each other.

Truly Madly Famously made it into my favorite list (even if I was mean to the main character in my review) because I like the idea of the book SO MUCH. I’m trash for this book, no lie. And the book might end one day in a trash can because I can’t stand characters making stupid decisions. Aka, all my books would end sooner or later in the trash can. Natural selection. Ehhh…where were we? Yeah, it’s about Paige Townsen, a girl who gets cast for a major book adaptation and ends up in the most popular love triangle ever. Oh and in the claws of Hollywood paparazzi, fun times (for us, not her)!

Books I really hated reading this month:

Die Ordensburg by Bernard Hennen was the worst to read. It got better by the last fourth, but that shouldn’t be it, right? I started this book in the middle of September and ended it somewhere in October. Reading a book a month straight is only allowed if you attempt to read all the Lord of the Rings books at once (which took me about four months to read because I was so smart to buy the 3 in 1 german edition with bible thin pages).
The pacing of Die Ordensburg was so damn slow and nothing much was happening, it was painful to read. Nonetheless tiring. I was hoping for a nice high fantasy book with elves, trolls, humans and whatnot involved and then I get…this. A friend of mine has warned me too late about the book. Well, damn. I made it anyways.
Die Ordensburg is about a land being in danger (Fjordland) – therefore the king and his knights and family are searching peace with their enemies – the chevaliers – by traveling to neutral ground. One night, the king’s daughter, overhears a betrayal and gets kidnapped by the enemy who puts her to an unknown place to be trained as a chevalier. In the meanwhile, the story of a boy is told who is somewhat supernatural. He survived the black plague and is found by chevaliers in a town full of dead people and him being the only survivor. The chevaliers also put him into training where he meets the girl who is determined to flee and travel back to her home.


BTW I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this year – National November Writing Month – where I try to write a novel that I started at NaNoWriMo 2013. Well see how far I get this time since the goal is to write 50.000 words in November. So I’m not sure how much I will read this time. Also because I’m stuck with 1984 by George Orwell. So don’t expect too much.

See you next time,

xo blattzirkus


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