Truly Madly Famously – REVIEW

Hello guys,

it’s been about a month since I posted a review about Famous In Love, the first book in this series of three. If you haven’t read Famous In Love yet, stop here and go back to this post for more information.

23299217Fancy, pop-star looking cover, eh? Doesn’t reveal the drama and the miserable life of Paige Townsen, because else everybody would have thrown that book away. So, since I’ve already mentioned the words miserable and Paige Townsen, let’s star with the plot of book two.

We take off quite soon after Famous In Love, where Paige has chosen her co-star and what not boyfriend Raider Devons. She seems happy with that decision, or at least talks herself into being happy with that. When, after all, she can’t get over her feelings with her other co-star, Jordan Wilder. As I mentioned in my review of Famous In Love, I wasn’t bothered by the love triangle drama because it wasn’t such a big deal back then. Now? I WANNA RIP THAT BOOK APART BECAUSE GIRL, PAIGE IS A PAIN.

In Truly Madly Famously, it’s 3/4 about her live after her first movie, Locked, came out. She has to deal with Award Shows, Paparazzi and press headlines. She’s absolutely miserable about it and thinks constantly about how she doesn’t want to be the center of attention but a “normal” actress. Hello girl, earth to you, but auditioning for the biggest YA movie Adaption and getting the part brings the dark side of the show buiz with it. Others can deal with it and so can you, get over it. At least I wish that would have been her greatest worries but no, she is so torn apart between Raider and Jordan I kind of started to wish that both would die or something so I wouldn’t have to deal with the drama.

Example: “Ah, Raider, I love you so much and nooooobody else!” Raider leaves, Paige sees Jordan. “JORDAN I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! If Raider wouldn’t be, I’d be with you. 4eva!” Vise versa. Like, she couldn’t decide and would play with both and practically mind-cheated on both with them through. the. whole. book. She seems like a normal girl, but on the other hand I think she’s just a giant whining baby, not the most famous actress in the whole world. I’m not kidding, that’s written in the book. Her character although makes it so hard to believe that this girl is supposed to be A-celebrity number 1. By the end of book 2, I just can’t stand her anymore.

So my heart goes out to the 2 boys who have to deal with nag number 1. Because Raider and Jordan had themselves together and were able to carry on in their lives without Paige. Which is important, not only in the show business. But Paige, oh my…no. I won’t deal with her anymore in this review. I came to the conclusion that she doesn’t deserve to be so famous with an attitude like this. No.

Am I going to buy book 3? Probably. I’ve read two of them already, how bad can book 3 turn out? Right? Because I have a feeling that book 3 is going to be better since this one definitely felt like a filler book. Which is sadly almost always true when it comes to trilogies.

What did I actually like about this book to keep reading? 
The writing, definitely that. Some characters that weren’t annoying as Paige. This weird insight feeling that you think you get when you read the book. As if you get to understand Hollywood and that strange business. That’s about it.

Sorry for the rant about Paige but I seriously was facepalming myself so often because of her actions. 

I hope you still enjoyed this review and if you want to add something, had a similar experience with Truly Madly Famously or just are able to convince me why I shouldn’t strangle Paige, write it down in the comments. I love reading them!

xo blattzirkus


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