The Summer I became a Nerd – REVIEW

Is it possible for a popular High School girl who dates the Quarterback of the football team to become a Nerd over summer? From experience I’d say no, but then you haven’t met that protagonist.

Hey guys,

summer is over and so are summer reads. How about I finish them with this book I read while being on vacation in Greece. Maybe it’s something for you no matter what season or maybe you’re going to pick it up for next summer? Let’s see!

14744489Don’t judge this book by it’s cover. Good thing I had it as an eBook, else it would have been rather gruesome to read it in public. Shame on the person who thought this cover would be a good idea. Next topic.

As I’ve said in the September Read post, this story was better than I expected. If you think that a popular girl who dates the quarterback of the High School’s football team could be cruel to read because it’s so cliché, you might be right. But throw in some comic books and the world is working fine again, ay! Because the popular girl will eventually meet a nerd who fangirls with her over comics, because she’s secretly totally into comic books but can’t be nerdy to be the popular girl. Ah, teenage problems. It will make roll your eyes. So the girl, Maddie, has a problem: the last issue of her favorite comic book is being released only in hard copy, which is the worst thing happening to her. As said, she’s the popular girl who can’t be seen with a COMIC BOOK (ugh, so nerdish) and instead downloads everything to read on her computer. But since her favorite story will only be available in hard comic, she has to go undercover into the only local comic book store to retrieve this issue. Where she’s meeting Logan, who helps her out by lending her his copy, since all the other issues are sold out.

You know where this is going, right? Don’t say no because else you are lying.

But hey, there’s drama involved! Maddie discovers with Logan that there’s more than being the popular girl and that her actual boyfriend is a shallow idiot who loves to hang out with his best friend. And at a roleplay game (where people dress up as dwarfs, elves and other fantasy creatures, this isn’t FSOG), Logan’s ex is trying to get him back since she’s saw him with Maddie.

DRAMA! But no worries, there will be an ending to this drama, I just won’t say what will happen or it’s a spoiler. Duh.

Writing this down the story really seems lame, but it’s actually so nice and funny written, you won’t regret reading it. You will roll your eyes a few times because Maddie makes decisions you are not approving of. Or to start with, having to behave like a dork just to stay popular. Plus, the title “The Summer I became a Nerd” doesn’t really make sense when you read the book, simply because Maddie was all along a “Nerd” who just had to disguise her “dark, nerdy” side. I mean, try to win around a real popular girl into the nerdism, no chance (obviously, I’m stereotyping, and I’m kinda sorry about this. Kinda not).

The characters were all nice to start with. Except Logan’s evil dark elf biatch, because that was a piece of work to handle. Throw her into the pit and we’re done her. No, seriously, I liked everybody (except her). Probably because I was reading the book in one sitting at the beach and every book is nicer when you’re reading it at the beach. The book felt so light and happy, so if you want to read something happy, this book is the right address.

I gave this book 4 out of 5 goodreads stars and if you know me, you know that it’s almost a lot.

I’d also recommend Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (I’m obsessing with her videos right now) – especially since her second book, Girl Online on Tour is coming out soon. It’s a nice light read.

Have a good week!

xo blattzirkus


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