Famous in Love – REVIEW

Acting in a movie and being famous sound like a fancy life, right? But peek behind the curtains and see how much dust really lies behind the glittery interior. 

Hey guys,

today I’m going to introduce you to a Young Adult book with a genre that I personally really like to read when it’s well written – Young Hollywood! Basically a girl or a boy gets introduced to the show business by landing a role in a movie/a TV show or signing a record deal, whatsoever. It fascinates me because it seems to be really fun to life such a fancy life…you would think. Oh how everyone tries to proof you wrong – including this book (I’m saying this in a positive way).

famous in love

Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle is about 17 year old Paige Townsen who dreams to become an actress. But how is she going to life her dream if there isn’t a single opportunity in her hometown, Portland/Oregon? What if her family isn’t approving of her career choice because “you can’t life of being an actress”? What if it’s just to be a hobby forever? But hey, opportunity is on it’s way when the world famous YA book “Locked” is searching for a cast to make a movie adaptation. Paige auditions, gets the part of the female lead August and is flown to Hawaii for shooting the first out of three movies. Sounds pretty thrilling if there wouldn’t be her handsome Co-Star Rainer Devon who she slowly starts to fall in love with not to forget the stressful shooting days. Paige really struggles at the beginning with the acting, with the pressure of making August believable. Not to forget her becoming more and more famous everyday and not really getting used to it. Still not enough stress? Well, until Jordan Wilder arrives, the ultimate nemesis of Rainer and possibly new love interest of Paige. Then things really start to get complicated.

Okay, this sounds more cheesy than it actually is. I’m a person who loves to throw her book/eReader against the wall/on the floor/choose your target to express my feelings or rather my frustration with the story if it gets to cheesy. Too unbearable. Too unbelievable. I hate cheesy. And at the same time I kinda love it, especially when it’s been a looong way for some characters (hi Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl). Or when characters make stupid decisions, such as Paige. But such decisions are rare, thank good and since this is the case, I really like Paige. I’ve read around four books (I think) that have to do with Young Hollywood subjects and so far this one is one of the best I’ve read so far. The second best is This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith by the way.

Paige seems to be grounded and tries to keep it that way, while Rainer is the total opposite, he’s grown up in this Hollywood business and is everyone’s darling. But is really kind to Paige, so he’s the good guy in this story. Rather on the opposite is Jordan, who got some reputation over some event that has happened between Rainer and him a while ago. But as we all know, there’s more than one story to tell and Jordan’s is important. And since Jordan is opening up to Paige, things get complicated. Which would be complicated enough, if there wasn’t the media and the fact that Paige, Rainer and Jordan are standing in the ultimate spotlight of the media thanks to “Locked”.

See where this is going? Love triangle ahoi! But don’t cringe and whisper “Twilight” hatefully, pause and listen to me. This isn’t a bad kind of love triangle. For Paige it probably is, but for me it was okay. It wasn’t just as dramatically as some other triangles. I admit, I wanted to throw my eReader a few times around the beach and out of the plane (the plane would have been the most effective but planes still don’t have the opportunity to open a window. So I was stuck with my eReader). But wanting to throw things can be a good thing, right? The Love Triangle wasn’t too much to handle (at least I got that feeling) since all the characters being involved are decent human beings who are easily to be loved. And that’s the difficulty of this book, you just can’t be in one team.

This mentions, last but not least, the writing. It’s been good. The world the story is built in is believable and not too much sugarcoated. Rebecca Serle describes Hollywood in a really sober way that makes this whole business about glamour less glamourous. It seems as if you are able to peek behind the curtains and see what usually only insiders are allowed to see. Which was a very nice change from other books in this genre. Not everything works out perfect, not everything is super easy in this world. And you get that in Famous in Love.

You also notice that Famous in Love is book number one out of three and book two, Truly Madly Famously is coming out on October 13th. So many books are coming out in October and I’m excited about this one. I hope it’s not going to be a filler for book three, so my fingers are crossed and my hopes are up.

So, I give Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle 4 out of 5 goodreads stars! Have you read this book? If yes, did you like it, if not…why wouldn’t you buy it? What kind of books do you like?

I hope I could give you some insight of Famous in Love,

xo blattzirkus

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