Why I will NEVER attend a Selena Gomez concert again

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Somehow I know I should have known it before. Selena Gomez is a Disney star after all, so why would there by screaming Teenagers?! Stupid me.

Hey guys,

this has happened a while ago. Two years ago, to be exactly. Selena Gomez was touring around the world and a friend of mine and I were like: “Why not going to her concert? She’s not a bad person, her music is good and it’s gonna be fun for sure!” I’m a sucker for catchy tunes and Selena Gomez’ music sure is catchy. So why not leaving the Disney Star stereotype on the sidebar and actually go to her concert, no matter what people might say.

Actually, when I told my mom where I was going I was lying and saying: “We’re going out for a late lunch and then to the movies!” when she asked where my friend and I were going. For the most part because she would have rolled her eyes and judged me that I would go to Selena Gomez’ concert, because she’s a musician for younger kids and teens and I was definitely not a teen anymore. And I would have hated that and be ashamed, so I didn’t tell her (I told her after the concert and the reaction was weakened, ha. Although my sister is still making fun of me for going, but time is healing wounds).

So, I thought it would be a good idea to go and since Selena has outgrown (for the most part) of her Disney image, the audience would have been more grown up too, right? WRONG. WRONG WRONG WRONG. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the reason why I would wait at least another ten years until I’d go to a concert of Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, etc…any musician that has once been a Disney Star.

The crowd that was 99% kids from the age 10-15 years. I swear.

There were a view people who looked like about in their 20s and loads of parents, but that’s about it. If you wanna get pushed and jostled, go to the concert. If you wanna see kids being carried out of the crowd because they fainted, it’s your kind of concert. If you wanna see as many phone screens as possible and screaming as if someone died (in a happy way), go.

11214336_10208020625379345_8216296471477693099_nI was so happy when the concert was over because it was so nerve-wrecking to get pushed around the whole time because the kids wanted to be closer to the stage and to Selena Gomez. Probably to get good pictures/good videos as well. I mean, it’s normal nowadays that people want to take pictures or want to film at least a bit of the concert to have a piece of memory with them. I like to do this too because later, when I’m watching such videos or seeing the pictures, it gives me happy memories and seriously, most of the time I like the live versions of the songs better as well.

Plus to say, Selena Gomez was just playing a show, not interacting with the crowd at all. It was rather disappointing and for that, the tickets were far too expensive. Compared to a Lady Gaga concert, which is about ten times more worth the money since there’s a great stage show, great dancers and Lady Gaga has a very good and strong voice, that Selena Gomez show was a joke.

To be honest, I probably would have liked it far better if the crowd wouldn’t have been so crazy, but that made up my mind about former Disney stars and their concerts.

But that’s just one of many opinions. Have you been to any Disney star concerts (former or present) and if yes, what was your experience? I’d like to hear about that!

xo blattzirkus

PS.: Since Selena is going to drop her new album “Revival” pretty soon, what do you think of “Good for you” and “Same old love” so far? Personally I think she’s literally doing a Revival with her music, comparing to her old albums. Is “Revival” going to be the album for Selena that was “1989” for Taylor Swift? Personally I want to think so…what is your opinion?

(I really don’t have anything against Selena Gomez, she seems like a really nice and genuine person. But that concert experience taught me that I have to wait a long time until I can attend such a concert again to give the audience time to grow up xo)


7 thoughts on “Why I will NEVER attend a Selena Gomez concert again

  1. Haha omg amazing!! A friend of mine attended the 1D concert this year in Vienna and she told me the same about that one 😀
    Also she said you couldn’t even buy alcohol there since the majority of fans were under 18/16 😀

    And I love “Good for you” 😀

    Love, Kerstin

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  2. Oh man I remember that you went to that concert but I never knew it was that ‘bad’. This year I went to a Taylor Swift concert and I never liked to talk about it. I was just using her name when my sister wasn’t around because I knew she would know her (my parents had no idea who the fuge Taylor Swift is) but the concert was actually really good and I really enjoyed it. YES there where 100000 screaming teenagers in costumes and weird dresses that they probably never wear anywhere else but Taylor was surprisingly good only her speeches where kinda weird for us because they 100% were meant for little girls not “grown ups”.
    I think the thing you did wrong was being too close to the stage (people are crazy down there).
    I actually really like “good for you” but I think my interpretation of the song is kinda weird.
    however: nice blog post about your experience, I really hope your last concert(s) have been better than this one 🙂

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    1. Yes, they were! 😀 Like a few months after this one, in December, I went to see Imagine Dragons and they were awesome. A year later I got to go to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry and these concerts were much better as well. So it was just bad luck I guess. And omg I’m jealous that you were at a Taylor Swift concert because her “world tour” excluded Austria…:/


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