The Other Side Of Eve – REVIEW


It might have been a while since I’ve ordered and read The Other Side Of Eve by Paul Ikin, but I have a feeling that this book needs more recognition.

So here comes a review of this marvelous and amazing book.
Dear readers, keep in mind, just because it’s a children’s book, doesn’t mean it’s only for children (most famous example: Harry Potter especially taught us, that this genre can be for anyone).

So before I’m going into the details of the story, here’s some extra information for you that I find pretty great: Paul Ikin has not only written this over 600 pages book but also illustrated and of course self published it. Personally I think that his style is very unique and very brave to only put black and white drawings in it. The cover is, as you can see, also just in black and white. For a children’s book this can be risky, but Paul has found a solution to make it unique and worth looking at it.

Paul Ikin* is an illustrator and fantasy author based in Melbourne, Australia. The reason I stumbled upon The Other Side Of Eve is because he one day contacted me on Twitter, promoting the book. After a few weeks of thinking about getting the book, I got over myself and ordered it. Yay! Paul’s also really nice when it comes to answering questions according to Eve and his career, so the decision to buy the book was really easy after all. Nice people behind nice book, that’s the deal.

But what’s The Other Side Of Eve all about?
It is about Eveline Boots, a thirteen year old Teenager who struggles with anxiety. She copes with it by creating another world within her mind, the world of Princess Belleny Vera. Belleny has to struggle on her own to defeat the evil witch and to safe the kingdom of Mare-Marie by going on the biggest adventure of her life. With her friends, creatures called the Orphans and her new arrived friend, the two-tailed Bateau, she manages it to first free herself from her own created prison and then to overcome her fear of the outside of her home, the castle. But what will she find on the other side of her kingdom, far far away from home? Will she be able to defeat the evil witch and safe Mare-Marie? Will Eve be able to fight and win against her struggling self?

The Characters
Before I go on about the plot itself, I need to mention the glorious characters that have found their way into the book. Eve, Milton, Robin, Mr.Brackenback, Cory, Esta from the one world of Eveline and Belleny, Bateau, King Vera, Danté, the Orphans, Gonzo, Kale, Garon and so many more from Mare-Marie itself. There are for sure more characters than I possibly be able to recall now (it’s like with The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, as much as I love these books, I’m not really good with names). You can’t dislike them and each of them teach so many good lessons, it was just so refreshing to read.

Now it’s time for my opinion!
Finally a story which seems so original im comparison to everything that’s out there (I am talking about YA novels, it seems like there is a problem with these books lately). The world, both Evelines and Bellenys, seems so unique and special, you don’t really get bored about it. Facts, earlier events and mysteries get revealed from time to time and make it fun to read. There won’t be information overload and you are able to discover both worlds. That’s the reason why it got 5 Goodreads stars out of 5. The world building was magical (yet to be able to be built out) and the characters were so nice to get to know and created. You liked every one of them (except for the evil ones, but since they were great too, you hated them in a good way). Plus the way the storylines completed each other in the end was like yeah finally, there’s the big picture! Because from time to time, while reading, I was thinking about how the storylines by Eve and Belleny fitted together. Similarities got revealed from time to time about these two, and that was cool. There was a time I thought that the girls were the same person but Belleny was just a fracture of Evelines personality, but no (You will see if you read the book). Personally I would have liked to see more Eve storyline, but at the same time I understand why there was more of Belleny.

I hope I could bring you closer to the book.

Have a nice day,
xo blattzirkus

*Information taken from Paul Ikins website 


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