How NOT to pack your bag for vacation

Personally I hate packing my bag for vacation. Too much work and most importantly too many decisions to make. So here is a guide for packing your bag the WRONG way.

Hey guys,

since I’m going to fly to Greece tomorrow I’m packing my bag right now. Or postponing it, since I’m currently writing instead of packing. You see what kind of person I am. The person who makes wrong decisions, hating myself for it right after doing said wrong decision and deciding to do the wrong decision ten times again until I notice how wrong it actually is. This is learning by doing, my friends.

But back to packing! So how do I usually do it?

1. Writing a to-do list on what to pack (you’ll always have the most necessary things on the list, so you’re good to go).
2. Packing the most necessary items (underwear and socks of course. Shoes are for losers).
3. Having a life crisis because I’m not the weatherman and therefore am not able to know how the weather will be in the next weeks at my vacation destination.
4. Pack everything I have in my closet just to be sure.
5. Take out everything that for sure won’t fit (aka if you’re traveling south, take out the winter clothes except you’re excepting the apocalypse, then it’s fine to keep them).
6. Hope that the bag will close and isn’t too heavy.
7. And for everyone’s sake, do never forget the hygiene articles. Next to your most essential clothes, these are the most important things to pack. No matter how small the bag is, okay?
8. For good measure, back a handful of books. Or your eReader, whatever you’re preferring.
9. And if you really wanna nail it, pack as much stuff you can find, no matter how “necessary” because let’s be honest – who knows when you will need a certain item? Who will be mad when the thing is sitting at home instead of being with you at your wonderful location? Right? Right! Pack it.

Okay, this might not be the most helpful kind of list but I bet I’m not the only one who has packing problems, right? I know that a bunch of friends are worse (and I thought I was bad to be honest) so let’s open a APPP (Anonymous Packing Problem People) ! Starting with this post. Let’s share the worst packing problems, starting with a bag too small, the airline luggage weight allowance being too low etc. Are you like me, creating to-do lists for vacations or are you just throwing things in, hoping that you have everything with you?

Or are you an organized packing person who has everything under control and is packing a week ahead of the vacation? If you feel addressed, help us messy people out, so packing won’t be as stressful ever again.

Have a nice evening,

xo blattzirkus

(Posts are coming even while I’m on vacation.)


3 thoughts on “How NOT to pack your bag for vacation

  1. I had a good laugh while reading this because damn, I feel you! When I went on summer vacation I packed scarves and hats and my winter jacket and guess what? Obviously didn’t need them. But I felt better having them with me 😀
    Anyway, save travels tomorrow and have a nice vacation! 🙂


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